“Yay” For One Year!

Today is a special day.  It is the one year anniversary between my ridiculous posts and WordPress. After 40-some-odd posts, I have revealed my crazy inner thoughts; from my pant-a-loon advice for men to my morbid obsession to Christian Grey (which I am so over) to my embarrassing encounters during my drunken escapades to my review on Twilight and the truth behind that conspiracy.  In light of such a celebration, I am going to touch upon a few of my most memorable topics to give you a royal update.

Poor, Little, Rich Orange Girl


We’ve come far, and when I say “we”, I am talking about Lindsay and myself.  We all know she still parties, however, she has decided to be smart about it and not expose herself every two seconds.  Lindsay almost let me down when she was accused of hitting a guy with her car, but after watching the surveillance tape, she definitely didn’t.  Phew!  I am really excited for her upcoming movie. She’s going to do great!

On another note, what is going on with Amanda Bynes?  Poor girl is looking like a looney.

This year is also a great year because it’s election year.  I love watching the debates and watching my Newsfeed fill up with statues from people who try to act like they know politics and act like they are intellectual, but have grammatical errors in their statuses. Hey, it happens to the best of us.  Nonetheless, I love politics and I love to watch people’s reactions.  Don’t worry, I am not going to address my stance.  It is well known that I am logical thinker and am very Liberal, but I do have a bone to pick with Mr. Romney.  Why did he have to attack my boy, Big Bird, like that?

Check Dem Out


It’s no secret that I am very blunt and inappropriate when it comes to my opinions, but I still stand by my blog when it comes to men’s jeans.  Just the other day, I was talking to my girlfriends about a realization that I had about men and their wardrobe.  I guess times are changing, but when did men’s clothing get so feminine?  And also, when did men stop growing? Where are the tall dudes at?

Back to fashion, the positive thing about men’s clothing turning more feminine is a well-fitted suit. Other than that, girls now have to compete with women and men. Ugh! It’s so tough being a girl.  Men have it so easy and then they have to take the one thing that is claimed for us. I’m pissed.  GOL!

Oh, Christian


I am definitely guilty when it comes to being very much infatuated with Christian Grey. Yes, it is mommy porn and yes, I did host a book club for this book.  More embarrassingly, I finished the trilogy less than three days.  After much thinking and analyzing Christian (cringeworthy–but in my defense, I drive a lot and that’s where I do my thinking), I realized that I am Christian.  Okay, I don’t have the “Red Room of Pain” or am into weird, kinky sex, but it is safe to say that I have a very dominating personality.  Hopefully, when I am 27, I will have an empire.

Christian never had a relationship, nor have I. I love the lavished life, so does he. I mean I don’t have subs, but I wouldn’t mind one ;). Christian knew what he wanted, so do I.  Let’s be serious, there are only a few things we can relate to because unlike him, I did not have a weird adolescent life or an older woman take advantage of me, I do have friends and the worst; I don’t have a jet to go jet setting like him.

I will not deny it, but I will most definitely be seeing that movie. Unfortunately, Ryan Grosling will not be playing Christian, which is tragic news.

A Bitter Goodbye to My Friend, Blair

Today, is also a very sad day.  It marks the first episode of the last season of Gossip Girl.  I’ve watched it from the very beginning and those characters have become my Upper Eastside friends. What’s worse is that Cablevision is in a dispute with The CW and I have to wait an additional day to watch the show.  UGHIESSS!

This show has taught me so much; how to rule a monarch in high school, how to scheme out of unforeseen scenarios, and how to deal with a tabloid tyrant known as Gossip Girl. Blair is my favorite character and is played by Leighton Meester who I love! She is the reason I love Country Strong.  She is also an amazing singer.  Leighton’s reminds me of Fiona Apple mixed with a bit of Florence.  I feel she sings so effortlessly.

On aside:: I have been working very hard on my clothing boutique, which you can find the information at www.indiegogo.com/iconsboutique.  But when I have long drives, I like to think about different songs I would use for the fashion show.  Here’s a song I think is toooooooo good.  I love Goldfrapp.  They make great music!


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