Poor Little, Rich, Orange Girl

I must confess. I love celebrities; musicians, movie stars, politicians, etc. I am fascinated by their responses to certain situations. Maybe it is because I always felt I would be doing more than sitting in an office behind a desk during business hours. I think about things that I would do with all that fame.

Granted, I love reading about celebrities, but I am more intrigued about their reactions. People forget that they were asked to be put in that position. They are the ones who wanted to be in front of the lime light, so I have no pity when information about them leaks. And I have no shame in saying that I enjoy reading it. It is more like a huge experiment: How normal people with special talents survive. Only difference is they being watched by the world.

I find it funny when people say that Obama won because of his celebrity status. Do you know a major factor in the 35th presidential election between Kennedy and Nixon was TV? It was the first election that was broadcasted on TV. Have you seen the two? Kennedy was a stud muffin! Apparently, during the debates, Nixon was sweaty and gross. (It didn’t help that he was old-er). Yes, people loved Obama. He is a great public speaker. He was able to persuade the country that he was the best suited for the job. He is a POLITICIAN. Then he won and was expected to turn the country around in a day.

Remember when you were younger and learning new card games. There was an older fellow who asked, “Want to play 52 pick-up?” Of course you said yes. Remember how annoyed and frustrated you were that the cards were scattered everywhere and it took you a while to pick up. Also, you felt like a fool falling for it. It is easier making a mess than cleaning up. That is how I view Obama’s presidency. It took Bush eight long years to make this mess. Obviously, it is going to take longer to clean-up.

I must say I am a firm believer that there are two-sides to every story. With that in mind, when Bush came out with his autobiography, I bought it. Yes, in hard cover. (It was marked down 30% at Barnes and Nobles so it was a deal– that’s my justification). Honestly, he is a cute guy. He is that grandpa you want to hug. As much of resentment I hold towards his administration, I can’t seem to hate him personally. He is a GD clown, but a cute one. (I have a very unique vocabulary. GD clown: (n) god damn clown, used out of endearment for those performing clown-like actions.) Bush was just not cut out to be a president, just a cute, ex-coc addict grandpa.

So I came up with a list. I like to call it The List. Nothing crazy. This list explains the things that celebrities get away with.

  1. Cheating: Actors are paid to cheat on their significant others. How can I jump on this bandwagon? I guess I would need to first learn how to act. It is a great deal. You have someone to go home to after a long day at work, making out with somebody. And we all know that “somebody” is not your average Joe-Schmo. They are probably the second hottest thing because they are married to the first. DUH!  This also goes for musicians because of music videos. Politicians (cough, cough Bill Clinton) have affairs all the time. Politicians and cheating; I don’t get. Clearly, they aren’t getting laid. The type of women these men chose boggle my mind. I guess that would happen when you are basically married to a masculine-female version of yourself. A few public apologies here and there, and they are good to go.
  2. Partying: Celebrities are paid to attend parties and get drunk, so why does the world hate on them when they are stumblin’ and mumblin’ out of the club? I do it every weekend, but the world does not hate on me. (I think…) Drugs and alcohol are used by non-celebs all the time. Just sucks for celebs because the world is watching their every move. Plus they are dumb about it. Why are you taking pics and videos of it? Get it together! A nice week at rehab that looks like a great vacation spot, and once again, they are good to go.
  3. Fashion Trends: Celebrities can wear anything and call it Bohemian Chic. Case in point, MKO (Mary-Kate Olsen). Love her for her style, but if she wasn’t MKO, I am pretty sure I would confuse her for a bum. Lady Gaga is a walking art piece. Granted, I can’t stand her, I respect her for her fashion pieces. They can wear panties and call it a new fashion trend. Oh wait, Gaga did that already!

With the three combined plus a bulk load of money would just lead to insanity. That is why celebs fall in the deep end; Britney, Lindsay, Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen, etc.

My favorite celebrity to read about is Lindsay Lohan (LiLo). Hence the title, Poor Little, Rich, Orange Girl. I feel like we can run in the same circles. She parties like any other college gal (who isn’t in college). If she wants to get drunk, let the girl get drunk. If she wants to party, let her do her thing. People judge her with a negative connotation. I, on the other hand, praise her. She parties like a rock star. I am a bit disappointed that she hasn’t done any movies in a while, but I think that’s because people are too busy trying to save her. If the girl wanted to be saved, she would ask. Let the girl live. In the end, she is living her own life.

And that’s where I shall leave it. I have shared my thoughts on celebrities.

Marina and the Diamonds. She can explain the rest to you.


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  1. Windex says:

    Hurry up and get your own reality TV show!!

    PS You owe me $40

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