I am not crazy… just eccentric

I said that today when one of my co-workers claimed that all girls are crazy. That may be true, but I am not your everyday crazy. I like to think that I am a rare breed of crazy, the more eccentric type.

I have been meaning to start a blog. At first, I wanted to do something that would lighten everyone’s day. Blog about funny situations that happened to me. Though my life is filled with laughter, it also includes love (first fashion then people), sadness, bitterness and your everyday realizations. So this is what propose:

I shall blog about things that people would find of interest. It will include many people who are a part of my life, however names will be changed. Everything blogged will be based on actual events with no embellishments. I will share my thoughts, feelings and some secrets with no hesitation…

You may be thinking how is this different from any other blog. Most of these things wouldn’t happen to your everyday people, just my friends and me. Plus it never hurts to expand your reading selection.

A treat for all:: My girl B just released her full video for “Countdown.” Beyonce is fabulous in every aspect. She use to be my competition, but we learned to accept each other. (More like I let her have Jay-Z and called it a truce.) She can make looking preggers HAWT!

Enjoy and remember to check in on your girl Sabz.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. All thanks to you know who!

  2. brindaguha says:

    i like the idea that you of all people are starting a blog. since you cover up most of your hardships with laughter and nonsense anyway, this will give people a rare insight into real things that happen to you, all the while keeping drama and names and particular key elements out of it. i think that’s wise. i always believed you have the most out of all of us going on in your brain, looking forward to subscribing to this and seeing a little glimpse of an old friend from a distance…

  3. Mindy Lee says:

    sabs u are great in every way and i cant wait for the world to see how cra crayy your life really is. you make me die every day and i love it.

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