Someone’s Squeezing My Brain

When I was in high school, I use to get chronic migraines.  They were so bad that my doctors put me on these meds that really made me act weirder than normal.  Alaina witnessed that first hand.  One example is when we were driving home from school, and I stopped short because there was a squirrel that crossed my path.  I began to hysterically laugh to the point where I couldn’t drive because tears were falling down my face.  Alaina was frightened, as usual.  I think I was acting strange because I was mixing two different types of meds, one for my migraines and another to control my anger (aka anti-anxiety medicine).  My teachers even started questioning me because I was acting loopy and was awfully giggly.

Alaina and Geri were the reason I had to find a solution to my temper.  It is no secret that Geri and I had our shares of ups and downs in high school.  I was a “mean girl”, and my biggest downfall was not being heard.  If someone didn’t “listen” to me, it was over.  And I am not speaking about orders, I am talking about factual events that were said to prevent one from getting hurt.  I told Geri something about her high school boyfriend, and she didn’t believe me, even though my sources were very reliable.  However, she did blame me for trying to ruin her relationship.  Well, that was when I rained on her parade.  It was one thing if Geri didn’t believe me, but it was another thing that she assumed the worse out of me.  Nonetheless, I very casually shunned her out.  (I do have a very bad memory so it may not have been so casual.)

We weren’t seen at the same parties.  Geri would specifically not go somewhere knowing that I was there.  I mean, in high school, it probably felt like I was invincible, however today, I hate to think that I treated one of my best friends like that. The worst is that Geri actually cried when she found out that I was going to Rutgers.  I can only imagine how she felt when she found out I was in the same dorm as her, just a floor above.  Let’s just say I didn’t have a great rep on the third floor (so Jenny tells me).

While all this drama was happening, our friends had to chose sides. Actually, I made them.  However, Alaina had a very hard time.  She and Geri were long time friends and couldn’t just stop talking to her.  Honestly, I have some balls asking that of someone, but again, it was petty high school where every aspect of it mattered.  Ughiesss, I actually hate telling this story, but it must be said.

Very vividly I remember this night.  A few of us went out to dinner at our favorite joint, Applebee’s.  One of the girls asked me what happened with Geri and myself.  While sharing the story, Alaina went ahead and said she agreed with Geri.  Oh wow was I pissed.  Basically, we didn’t speak the rest of dinner and most of the car ride back home.  It was about a mile out until we reached to Alaina’s house.  We decided to argue.  I don’t remember what was said.  I blacked out.  Alaina must of said something that pinched a nerve.  So much so, that I purposely stopped short.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that Alaina took her seatbelt off.  She was very close to bashing her head on the front window shield.  Alaina made it very apparent that she wanted to go home.  I didn’t blame her.  We didn’t speak for one week, but during that week is when I realized I have to do something about this.  In the end, I was right about Geri’s high school boyfriend, I’m much calmer than the past, and Alaina, Geri and I still remain best friends.  I also took that incident as a lesson learned not to expose all the secrets I do know.  I do have a tough time biting my lip when it comes to stating my opinion, but it could also be my lip injections. 😉

Unfortunately for me, my migraines have been circulating back into my life.  I am not really one to rely on daily meds, so I try to do different things to find balance in my head and to relieve the pressure.  Recently, I have been trying abstract art to convey what’s been going on in my head.  Here are two of my paintings:

Gabriella graduated from nursing school and so I decided to make her a cake for her graduation party. It was my first time ever baking a customized cake. Take a look!

Lastly, I finally finished my first landscape painting after two years.

It is said that our apartment looks like an art gallery and I love it!

On aside::  I am a huge Christina Aguilera fan.  Yes, she has become quite curvy these days, however, her voice is still undeniable.  Here’s her newest video to “Your Body”.


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