Icons Boutique

I suppose many have been wondering what I have been up to with all this ’boutique’ talk.  I just had an interview with the Rutgers Targum about it, and it was probably the most rewarding experience thus far because Rutgers is showing their support for their fellow alumni.  I suppose if you were to ask me in person about my boutique, I would explain everything in detail because each detail has run through my head very thoroughly.  So much so, that it is very important in the grand scheme of things.  I talk about this venture as if it was my child and I have only joy because if it.  I suppose it is my baby, until I adopt.

My sisters and close friends have shown great support, especially Camille.  Not only is she my roommate, but she is a very close friend.  Camille knows when I had a long drive or had time to think because after work, I run my new ideas by her.  However, never has she ever doubted me or my ideas.  If anything, she gave me constructive criticism to make it better. I appreciate that.  I feel she is the only one who really knows how hard I work because she witnesses it. Camille also knows how badly I want this.  She has put up with me constantly talking about the boutique, and surprisingly, she never told me to shut up.

My sisters are also a great support.  Eventually, I would like them to take this brand and market to their location.  Yes, so Kardashian, but all of us have a college degree or more and none of us have a sex tape.  (PS, their store actually got horrible reviews on Yelp.com).

My friends all support me, but Geri, specifically, is the one I love to talk about the boutique because she always is excited to learn more.  It makes me feel good. As much as I torture her, I love telling her about it because she has always supported me from the very beginning when it was called “Salt”.  (It went through some reconstructive surgery).  After a long day of working on the boutique, she met up with me to go get froyo.  However, she failed to tell me it’s a hotspot where I would see people from high school.  Geri was all nicely dressed with her hair beautifully done, while I looked like a hot mess, with my Sally-Jesse Raphael glasses and my typical comfort clothes. Embarrassing! However, she did hang out, looking like a hot mess, and was seen in public with me while taking an interest in my boutique. Even though she is in PA school, she always takes the time to catch up and ask about my passion.  I love that.

Two other people who I must thank is Victor (Gabriella’s boyfriend) and Jenny Lee (Mandy’s sister).  Victor made the video and it came out great!  And Jenny made the boutique name and clothing tag designs (www.jleedesign.com), which is gorgeous.

However, my biggest fan is my Momma.  She only hopes the best for me.  I actually put my mom in the video of my crowdfunding page. She loves the idea, but doubts the people.  I suppose it’s because she gave up on people a while after going through some rough times, but I am different.  I believe in humanity and I believe that people strive to make this world a better place.  Let it be through my boutique or help an elderly cross the street, I believe that people want to see others succeed.

Take a moment to check out my crowdfunding page on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends.  All the tools are there.  Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates.  If enough of us get behind it, we can make ‘Icons Boutique’ happen.


On aside:: I have been really into Die Antwoord.  They are such artistic weirdos, but I enjoy it very much.  Take look-sy.


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