Let’s Vacation in Hell

It was George Clooney that introduced me to you.

He gave credit where it was definitely due.

Michael, you can win anyone over with your million dollar smile.

The thought of you being with anyone else seems very vile.

It wasn’t your celebrity status that triggered my infatuation.

Not even your gorgeous accent or length gave me that sensation.

When George praised you for your brilliant performance in Shame,

It was more about what was happening down under that received the acclaim.

I needed to see for myself what the rave was about.

And then I watched, and boy, there was no doubt!

Why Mr. Fassbender? You are one blessed child!

What is happening down below is just wild!

Aside from your well-endowed package, I knew there was more.

However, I do question if you are a man-whore.

I noticed that you end up dating your co-stars.

But I feel we would have a connection if we randomly met at a bar.

Sending nudies aren’t really my thing.

Unless it’s the special GIF of your exposed “king”.

Speaking of kings, Macbeth will be great.

In Fish Tank, you sped up my heart rate.

You do wear evil rather well.

Apparently, I do too. We can vacation in hell.

Playing Magneto was boss.

I loved you as Mr. Rochester too. It’s a toss!

Are you a ginger? I am not sure.

Just want to know what our kids would look like in the future.

Is it sick that I was jealous of Patsy in 12 Years a Slave?

I want you to punish me when I misbehave.

Not many know of your many talents.

Soon they will, but I was the first with these acknowledgements.

My dear Michael, we will meet one day.

But you will never know that I wrote this. That’s cray!

Till then, keep doing full frontal scenes

Or wear very tight jeans… 😉


On aside:: It’s no secret I love blasting some good jams when driving and this one is killer.




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  1. Nabila Hoque says:

    What is this?

    Also, did you get my good vibes??? I’ve been sending them all day!

    Sent from my iPhone


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