I Think I Need LASIK

It’s official! I enjoy the city! I knew I would, but I didn’t think it would happen so fast. I adapted to my commute rather quickly. Learned how to shuffle through the madness when walking to work. Got used to the stank from the homeless people, except when I pass public telephone posts. Why does it smell so terribly near the posts?

I now take lunches in the park while reading/listening to a fiction book. Who am I? I do not read fiction. Now I cry during romantic movies, get emotional when reading fiction books, and wear a backpack. This is the new me, I guess. I thought when you get into the New York City culture the opposite affect happens. You become guarded and mean. I am becoming more of a city chump who likes to take long walks in the park. Maybe it is just the weather, but I will admit that my whole demeanor was challenged and changed for the positive.

Side Note: I have been listening to Jane Eyre on the train coming in and out of the city and read during lunch. I try to keep it cool on the train because I have a default seat on the same cart with the same people. Plus it is the “quiet” cart where I have witnessed people shun others for talking or having their music too loud. People need to rely more on Xanax than let other people get to them. Any who, I was at the part of the book where her best friend dies and I had to hold back my tears. I know that when I meet Mr. Rochester, who I know I am going to fall in love with, I will need some tissues for my ride and make sure I am wearing waterproof makeup. I also probably should forewarn my train mate, this man with the longest legs ever who is always reading a hard copy of the Wall Street Journal, that I am not this overly emotional person just listening to music. That I am listening to a book and have fallen for Mr. Rochester. (Like that is going to make me sound any more sane, but is it the truth.)

Back to the original story…

One of my favorite thing to do is people watch. It is so entertaining. People are so different and complex that I really enjoy noticing their habits (and their style). However, I will say that I do not like to see people struggling, i.e. the food delivery man running around on their bikes to get the food to the location or the ignored elderly man holding up/passing out flyers in the rain. On the other side, my eyes do not mind some eye candy. Makes the walk to the train much more pleasurable, but I have come across a problem.

It is no secret, I am four-eyed, fashion-loving, people-watching geek. Not that wearing glasses is something people can be made fun of for anymore. Glasses are too fashionable and make great accessories. I wear glasses 6 out of 7 days. I have contacts, but I only wear them when I go out. But the bigger reason I wear my glasses is because of my bathroom phobia. Mentioning it is giving me the creeps. Let’s just say I like to be blind when going into bathrooms, especially public ones. I can’t get into it right now, but you can read more here.

I have been questioning if I should get Lasik. I know eventually I will get it, but I don’t know if I can wait till I have a daily housekeeper. I want Lasik for the following reasons:

  1. Creep on people without creeping them out.
  2. Eye-flirt without having a reflection from the glass.
  3. To have a reason to wear eye makeup.

Reasons why I am questioning it:

  1. Bathrooms

It may be one reason, but it is a big reason. Are there glasses meant to temporary worsen your eye sight? I wonder. That would solve my problems. I can wear it when needed. And no, therapy is not an option. I was born this way. Nothing to change.

The question is do I get Lasik or do I not? Do I want to see everything perfectly or leave some to the imagination? Will I see the rats on the tracks or will I not? Will Michael Fassbender be the love of my life or will I take his wrinkles too literally? So many questions; so many concerns.

Also, keep a look out for my newest celebrity poem about Michael Fassbender. It is taking me a bit long to write because there are too many feelings. 

On aside:: #FlashbackFriday! Here is some old school Brandy. What if I get Lasik and I find an ‘angel in disguise’?… You like what I did there? 🙂



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