Good Morning New York City

It’s been a hot minute, but I am back. As usual, I have a lot of projects that I am working on, but one of the newest change is my job, in every aspect. It was hard to part ways with my previous employer as I gained valuable friendships with so many. However, I like to think of it as a break rather than a break up. So “Ross” of me. I know. It’s time for me to explore what else is out there. Change gives me major anxiety, but I feel like I was destined to spread myself and meet an array of people. That’s the only way you can become a pinnacle factor in the world. Leave something behind built on learning from others. Right?
So it begins. Monday marked the first day of my new job in the big city, New York City (for my non east coaster readers). New York City. The Big Apple. The World’s Greatest City. So they say. That being said, I do love the city. Especially when I was an out of control teen, using my fake ID to get into lounges to have drinks on a school night. It seemed so glamorous. It probably was as a 14 year old who was just trying to grow up too fast. Now as an adult (I think I made it to the adult phase), it’s merely a dirty city where there are too many smelly people, too many rodents, and too many hot men that are not accounted for. Or maybe they are, who knows. No one wears a ring these days and it can very easily be taken off.
I decided on my commute I would blog about my recent adventures. Granted it has been two full days of my life as a commute/city gal, I have realized that the glamorous lifestyle that I once thought New Yorkers held was merely a picture that was painted by TV and movies, especially Sex and the City.
Ah! Come out of Penn Station, and take it all in. Except I almost vommed. It’s 8 AM and the first thing I get a whiff of is the lovely homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk. What a great way for New York to say “hello”. As I strut myself down the sidewalk (the true runway of life) to my new location, I am almost trampled on. No one has concerns for anyone else but themselves. I knew that. What did I expect? I live my life never rushing (unless I am late to the movies) and not taking life too seriously. New York City is the complete opposite.
One of my best friend from home and I were OBSESSED with Sex and the City. Even today, I will watch it when it is on. I know every episode and every line. I know what is coming, but I still watch. The thing is: it is actually a terrible show for girls to watch especially at a young age because it gives you a false perception on life as a woman and the different relationships. When we would watch it, we would claim which one of us were whom from the show.
As young girl this is what I thought of each character:
Carrie– A romantic at heart, but keeps picking the wrong guy. Poor Carrie. She is constantly being hurt by these bad men.
Samantha– A new take on feminism. She loved to explore her sexual side with multiple men and that’s cool. No judgment because if men can do it so can women. Why not? Plus, she has a killer job.
Charlotte– The one who really thought she was a princess in every fairy tale, and that there is a prince that will take her away. She knew what she wanted and was going to get it one way or another. And of course, the one who wanted the ideal American dream; the white picketed fence with a husband and two kids.
Miranda– The cynical one in the group who was too concerned about her career. She had no time to play games with men. No one wanted to be her. Ever.
Now as I see it:
Carrie– Maybe she is a romantic, but really knew nothing but to be with men who would hurt her. In some ways, she seems to be pathetic. Yet every girl wanted to be her. Why? (The shoes definitely helped). She had a great guy, Aidan, that treated her well and she cheated on him with Mr. Big. Aidan was stupid enough to take her back to find out that she didn’t really want to be with him. Furthermore, Mr. Big was terrible to her. Yes, he is the successful business man that gets what he wants making him a certified douche, but she took and kept going back to it. I mean he didn’t show up to the wedding! How does one recover from that? Now when I watch Sex and the City, I think how pathetic Carrie was. Also, she was the only character who was shy about sex on the show, yet she had a column about it. What’s that about?
Samantha– Unfortunately, women and men are two different variants of the same species. That being said, we can pretend that we can act like men and have sex any time and where, but science shows us that we have a different chemical reaction. Maybe Samantha’s testosterone levels were higher than your average female, but what her character tries to showcase is the least realistic. I have friends that can do as Samantha did, but in the end, they all wanted relationships that meant something. Actually, they are closer to getting married than I am. The only realistic thing that Samantha’s character projected was that it is okay to be selfish and love yourself more than anyone else. They say to find someone who loves you more because they can tolerate your true self. 🙂
Charlotte– Another one who was too absorbed with having the perfect family. She had two marriages, which is cool. I always say that I am looking for my first ex-husband, but that explanation is for another time. Charlotte left a job that she worked hard to get for a marriage that ended up failing. All on the false perception that her marriage would work based on movies and fairy tales. That is the most irritating thing of them all. Girls aspired to be her, yet didn’t realize that a career that she worked so hard for was easily diminished for a guy.
Miranda– Granted, her masculine demeanor made all the girls not want to be her, but realistically, she did what was best suited for herself. Let’s start with her career. She was very career-minded because she knew that men had that upper hand in the white-collar world (or any). She kept striving for the top. Granted she had her guard up, but for the right guy, she was able to find a companion that balanced her out. Yes, she was insanely cynical at times, but she ended up ahead of the game with love.
I feel that these characters are extreme cases of certain personalities and that the “perfect woman” is a combination of each. The only problem is that I am the most extreme version of myself. 🙂 Maybe New York City will embrace that.
My goal is to one day be listening and jamming to some tunes while walking to train station, but be able to dance my way there. There are many crazies out there, I am just a different kind. I’ll be able to dance on the sidewalk during rush hour one day, but first, I need to get used to the smell and odors of the different people in the city.
As I begin to get the hang of my new routine, I’ll be coming back with some funny stories that would only happen to me, and some great EATS!  So make sure you check back!
UPDATE: I now travel with a backpack. Granted, it’s no Jansport. It’s a trendy knapsack.
On aside:: Anderson has shown me this song, and it’s one of the songs I listen to in the morning on my way to work thinking about meeting a “Thor”-like man while dancing in the streets!

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