Mis. Under. Stood.

I get it. You are one not to be adored.

Or loved, for that matter, my Lord.

However, your darkness intrigues me.

Most would disagree, but I think your bald head is artsy.

You sport Hollywood nails like it’s your job.

If this works out, you’ll need to get a nose job.

Can you breathe without a nose?

Also, what’s under that cape? I need to know.

There are so many questions we can answer together.

Do you only care for Harry, or can we work off my list and have an adventure?

No one gets it, but it’s fun to play evil.

It gives you more authority. It feels so regal.

V, if I may call you that,

Your skin is very matte.

Let’s get to know each other in the sun.

And plan our takeover plan. Sounds like fun!

You are brilliant for spreading your horcruxes around.

I would have proudly worn a piece, preferably a crown.

I have no doubt you will be returning soon.

I see a piece of you in the moon.

Maybe it’s because of your bald head,

But all I know is I bought your wand from Diagon Alley just to be ahead.


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