Reality Bites

Two weekends ago was one of my girl’s birthday celebration, Camille. Usually, when it is a birthday, it last for a weekend. Unfortunately for me, I can’t kick it anymore. If I go hard Friday night, I am out of commission the next day. However, being that I am infamous for bailing, I couldn’t let my girls down.

Friday night, we went to Princeton. I told myself that I can’t get too wild because the following day we were all going to AC, including all the clowns and that’s very hard to do these days. Before going to the bar, I guzzled down five shots. Great start! I turned to Jenny and said, “I’ m downin’ these shots. I’m like ‘Badass Sabs’!” Didn’t realize that others were listening in, everyone started to laugh. Hey! I really thought that was fairly impressive for me.

Arriving to the bar, I told myself, yet again, not to black-out. Well, that didn’t go so well. Katrina introduced me to Green Tea shots and I was not hating them. Camille was on the floor the whole time. She was a hair in the wind. What do you expect? It was her birthday.

The next day, my head felt like a reenactment of D-Day. I napped, my headache wouldn’t go away. I shopped, that didn’t help. Finally, I had a sit-down dinner with Katrina which was the cure.

Now I would say I am good with time management, when I want to be. I can always count on Katrina to be on my wavelength. Let it be a story I made up in my head, or not going out two days in a row, we are on the same page. I told the girls that Katrina and I would be in AC by 5/6pm. But then, Katrina needed to nap after work. So then our plan was to leave at that time. To avoid showering at the hotel, we decided to shower at home and do our hair. Katrina thought that we should grab dinner. I didn’t oppose. It was 7:30 and we just sat down for dinner. Long story short, we left for AC at 8:45 and it takes about 1 1/2 hours. Jenny wasn’t happy. Honestly, I think she was just FOMOing as usual (FOMO: fear of missing out).

We get there and Alaina, Jenny, and Sarah tell us how they found Drita from Mobwives and chased her around the casino. They say followed, but it was more like stalking. Now out of all the reality shows, Mobwives is one my favorite, and Drita is the baddest of them all. Let me explain our intense love for reality shows. It’s a way to relate to these “stars” and get a feeling for who they are. In some sense, they become our friends. I try to keep up but I go to bed so early that I don’t get a chance to watch all (yes-lame excuse). Alaina and Jenny are the queens of reality shows. They watch every show the day it airs. Jenny usually makes some story about it, usually contains a false accusation and then blames others for being wrong. She’s like The National Inquirer. But hey, we all get a good laugh from it.

We arrived to the Borgata to go to the club. As I entered, I see all the girls huddling. I walk over and there she was, Drita. It’s safe to say we were all very toasty. To have six girls screaming, “we love you,” in your face is a bit overwhelming.

Jenny, Alaina and Sarah confess that they were the ones “following” her at our hotel. Alaina and Jenny tell Drita how we call Jenny, “Big Jen” in light of Big Ang from the show.  Geri’s boyfriend, Fred, was trying to get a picture alone with Drita and kept saying, “Let me get a picture with mah girl.”  (I was surprise Geri even allowed that).  Alaina was so excited that she started crying like a fool.  Till this day I laugh out loud thinking about it.  Alaina and Jenny were so excited that they basically cornered Drita.  While all of this is happening, Drita’s friend is recording all of this on her camera.  I need to find that.

We finally made it to the club.  It was packed, but that’s because Sam Ronson was DJing (Lindsay Lohan’s ex- lesbian lover).  Surprisingly, she was pretty dope and I can see why Lindsay Lohan fell for her.  She is so LA and I loved it.  I looked at Alaina and tell her I think I have a lesbian crush on Sam and she says, “So do I!”  LOL.  I left the club because I wasn’t drunk enough to be squished on the dance floor with no room to dance.  Mike Phelps was there as well however.  Katrina and Sarah some how ended up at his table.  It was probably their mean dance moves.  As they were drinking their liquor, Katrina tried to strike up a conversation with Phelps.  You would think she would ask something clever or flirty.  Rather she asked how many Subway sammies he ate a week.  Of course, food related!  He didn’t answer that absurd question, so she decided to ask his friends who also had no idea.  Katrina was on a mission to get the answer!

It was a celebrity-filled weekend.  We felt great after being in the presence of celebrities.  (Granted, Mike Phelps doesn’t really matter to me).  After a weekend of heavy partying, I feel the loss of my brain cells.  It takes me a few days to get back in the  right mindset.  The next few months, there are quite a few birthdays to celebrate (one being mine).  I need to invent a “brain-cell recovery” pill.  That’ll do it.

On aside I love Ryan Goseling, but I think I love him more for his band.  His music is dark and his voice reminds me a mix of Johnny Cash and The White Stripes.  He is my ideal man. Enjoy this live performance with his band.


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