My Little Prince

The most precious munchkin was born on November 22, 2011.  I call him my little prince.  When Prince Joey’s father told me he was having a baby with his girlfriend, I didn’t believe it.  Here’s the thing about Matt.  I like to think him of as the “boy who cried wolf”.  After a few times of being played out like a fool, I was very conscious of what to believe.

I remember it was a random weekday during the summer.  Matt asked Jenny and I to go to happy hour after work.  Nothing out of the norm.  There we were.  Having a few drinks and then he tells us.  Jenny immediately believes it, but she believes everything.  She is rather gullible.  I was sitting there wondering, “Should I fall for this?”, “Is he being serious?”, “No way!”

As way of persuasion, Matt had me call Gabriella.  That was no help.  Those two together are always scheming.  I left the bar just as confused as the time when I was exposed to RuPaul’s male identity.  Finally,  I texted Ellie (Matt’s girlfriend).  She confirmed it to be true.  Granted, we all knew the munchkin was coming, but I don’t think I realized it until I saw his pictures.

Just yesterday,  I hung out with the munchkin and he takes the award for “The Best Guy Ever”.  As a gift, I decided to do a painting for his room.  I hope he loves it!


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