The Amanda Show!

Where to start with you, Miss Bynes?

I am sorry I misread the signs.

Let me just start by saying Twitter is not your friend.

Piercings on your face and wearing wigs are not a trend.

What happened to you, Amanda?

Is this some stunt or propaganda?

I used to watch you on Figure It Out and All That.

Now you are just too scary to look at.

You were a comedic angel with aspirations.

Now you are just another actor with a horrible reputation.

Remember when you were in the same league as Hillary Duff, Emma Watson and Taylor Swift?

Now you are in bad company with LiLo who looks like she got a bad face lift.

I am seriously worried that you are mentally ill.

Like Britney Spears when she shaved her hair off just for the thrill.

Have you heard of Seroquel, Truxal or Lexapro?

These are the meds you should be on, not blow.

I feel for you Amanda, I really do.

You apparently were a suppressed child actor who just fell through.

But seriously, Drake won’t be interested with your new look.

Your selfies and nudie pics are clearly not getting you in his black book.

By far the dumbest thing you’ve done is drop your paraphernalia out of your apartment window.

I wonder what the cops were thinking, “This girl is a bimbo!”

I don’t know what is up with you girls in the industry.

Why do you hang out with low-lifes? They clearly just want your money.

Another thing, I know you may not have a lot of money like in the past.

But you need to put some sheets on your bed. You need some contrast.

I liked you on What I Like About You.

A plus; you got to work with Kelly Taylor too!

I remember watching Hairspray on repeat when we didn’t have cable in college.

You playing that Jesus-loving freak in Easy A is hard to acknowledge.

Amanda, at this point it is time to check you in.

Stop trying to make yourself relevant, clearly you are a has-been.

Take this advice to heart.

Go see a professional and get a fresh start.

On aside:: For about a good month, I was on a search for this song that I was absolutely obsessed with in college. After many trial and errors, Jenny finally figured it out. Here it is for you to enjoy! Brings back good memories. 🙂


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