The Quarterback

Well let me start by saying that yesterday was my baby sister, Anderson’s birthday!  She turned 23.  When did we all get old?

I want to share a story today.  It’s a story about my one and only one-night stand that I ever had, and this story is the reason why it has been the only one.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t get a weird wart or something.  Gross!

Gabriella and I both have birthdays in the same month.  I am 11 days older than her, but I definitely look much younger than her ;).  We both just turned 21 and we wanted to venture in the downtown area of New Brunswick.  We were amateurs in that space, but we were trying to do something different from what we did every other night.

Luckily for us, Gabriella’s older cousin was trying to go out the same place as we were.  So we had some type of protection.  Now, this is the thing.  In college, we lived like poor people.  We would rely on pastina and dining hall take-out.  We would only  go crazy and have Chinese when we were hung over because it was a great hang over remedy.  Most of our money went to partying.

However recently, I heard that there was a rumor circulating saying that I was getting a nice sum of money from my parents each month.  When I say nice sum, like a ridiculous amount.  When I tell them otherwise, justifying it today, they think I am delusional and lived like a poor person solely because I would spend all my money on clothes and not know it.  The clothes part is true, but for those who think I was funded exponentially by my parents, you have been sadly mistaken.

Any who, we would pre-game hard because prices of drinks downtown were much different than college bars.  That night, we pre-gamed at our friends’ house.  After, we went to this lounge/club place.  It was pretty chill.  Gabriella and I literally had like $20 each to buy drinks.  But somehow, we went through the whole night not buying one drink.  I guess our A-game was on.  While dancing, we found ourselves drink-less so we decided to buy each other drinks.  It didn’t really matter because we drink the same drink.

While we were at the bar about to pay, these two guys tell the bartender to put our drinks on their tab.  I didn’t hate it.  And then I remembered why I wanted to go to the bars downtown, because there were mature, older men who liked buying girls drinks.  That made me sound like I am looking for a Suga Daddy.  GOL!

It is very known that I am the dumbest when it comes to football, or any sport for that matter.  Going into college, I had not one clue about the concept of the game or anything.   It’s so un-American of me.  LOL.  Gabriella actually taught me what I now know about the game, which isn’t much. It’s just not my pastime.  I like going to the games for the social aspect behind it, which no true fan ever wants to hear. So that definitely meant I didn’t know any players.

At first, I was talking to the Blonde and Gabriella was talking to the Brunette, and in the midst of it, we did a switch-a-roo.  The Blonde proceeded to tell us that he is Brian Leonard’s brother.  For a normal person, a red flag would go off, but for me, not so much. He was like, “You know Brian Leonard, the football player.”  Still doesn’t ring a bell.  Gabriella was embarrassed because I didn’t know him, especially the fact he went to Rutgers.  And then the Brunette tells us his name.  I remember looking at his license because I didn’t believe how old he was, 25 at the time, but then completely forgot his name.

Things were going well.  I mean Gabriella and I didn’t go out to look for guys, but hey, when you got some hot toddies talking to you, why not?  The Brunette was perfect, he was one of the many types that I am (and was) attracted to.  He was tall, dark and very handsome.  Well, the place was closing and the guys asked if we needed a ride.  We didn’t, but we said yes.  Gabriella’s cousin was super protective and asked them 21 questions before we got in the car with the guys, which I can only appreciate.

It was weird.  We sat in the car like boy/girl, boy/girl, like coupled off, which Gabriella didn’t like (and she left her phone in their car…typical Gabriella move).  We parked at our  house and decided to take a walk to our friends’ house to pick up our bottle.  We get to our friends’ house and they were all shaking hands with these guys.  Still, have no clue who they were.  So our guy friends were talking to them about football and stuff, and then I got bored.  We probably stayed there for like five minutes, from what I remember.

Okay so the night ended so-so.  Nothing spectacular, not that I was really expecting that because you really need to know someone to get that extraordinary feeling.  The next day was an all day block party, and so by 2pm, I blacked out.  The Brunette was still texting me this, that, and the other thing.  I paid no attention.

Come Sunday, I tell Maggie our adventure and she asked me what his name was.  For the life of me, I couldn’t remember.  I was sure his name was Steve.  So at Maggie’s work, we sat there looking through the Rutgers Football roster because that was the only thing I was able to remember. He had something to do with Rutgers Football.

I guess the subject came up with our guy friends one night and they were asking me questions about the Brunette.  I felt like a fool because I had no idea what his name was.  My friend then tells me that the guy I hooked up with was the Quarterback for Rutgers Football in 2005.  They were high-fiving me, like it was a great success, if they only knew.  GOL!

Come July, my friend, Jiggies, texts me asking to confirm that I hooked up with this guy back in April.  I found it strange being it was 3-4 months later.  So, typical Jiggies didn’t respond till like a day later; keeping me on my toes wondering why he asked me that.  He tells me that the Brunette Quarterback just got married that month to the ex-Rutgers’ coach’s daughter.

There’s no shot that he got engaged after our little rendezvous, so basically he cheated before getting married.  That is not a good sign.  That is why it was my first and last one-night stand.  I can’t deal with the guilt, even though I had no idea.

On aside:: The weather was so nice today and I have been in a great mood because my boutique has moved past the idea stage  to the “doing” stage. This song is perfect for today’s weather. It’s by a band in the UK called Graffiti6. Enjoy!


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