Innately Animalistic

It’s true, I watch my fair share of TV.  A relaxing day to me consists of me in my bed watching some sort of reality show.  When did that happen?  I was never into reality shows back in the day, occasionally watched Real World. Sad to say, I can’t say the same today.    

As I was reading Times Magazine at work, a few months back, I found an article raving about a new show called Newsroom.  Usually, movie critics are too critical, but because this was coming from some-what of an unbiased forum, I was intrigued.  Yes,  I have my own political stance, whatever that may be, I am not one to hold a pretentious disapproval on another’s thoughts and ideas; as long as they are viable to today’s world and not a 100 years ago’s.

Systematically, our generation has been programmed in a way that you are either a liberal or not, you either accept gay marriages or not, you either watch reality shows or not.  And if you’re that “not”, it makes you an outcast, and unfair one at that.  I respect Conservatives.  The true meaning of a Republican is vastly different from how it is practiced today.  It has become too personal including same-sex marriages and abortions.  It was a foundation based upon strong leaders and ideas about freedom, and the same could be said about the Democratic Party.  Again, people are entitled to their own opinions but like said by many politicians over and over again, “America is known for its freedom”, but in the end, that is nearly the truth.

Actually contesting to what party I stand for was a difficult one; just like admitting that I take part in no religion nor do I believe in anything of that nature.  It was probably the third hardest decision I have ever made; which party to stand alongside with.  I am what I am and I stand by for most of its policies.  In the end, actions do speak louder than words.

The way I look at is; I do things for this life, not for a possible “after-life”.  I take my life and hand it off to another because I am ensured that our government is looking out for their people, but then politics wouldn’t exist.  It’s very hard and difficult for people to understand why it is important to vote, but this is the way I look at it.  (That’s just the politician inside screaming out).

When Newsroom premiered, I was beyond ecstatic.  Not knowing what to expect, aside from the ins and outs about a news station, but I found is it to be brilliant and smart.  I haven’t been this captivated with a show since E.R.  The first three minutes of the show left me feeling thrilled yet scared.  What was blurted out by the character is something that is so wrongfully true that it only makes me wonder. To the naked ear, do people actually think like the sorority girl?  And if so, is that why we are where we are in the union of all of the countries?  Has our overwhelming pride and honor of a name we once had for this land blindsided us from what lies ahead?

I try to catch the news as much as possible, but after work, all I want to do is “relax”.  The most recent episode really made me wonder.  We watch reality shows because we assume that it is real and people have the lives shown on our screens.  Or we read magazines about celebrities because we want to see what their most recent wrongdoing consist of, like TomKat.  I am no martyr.  I am a victim of this heinous thrill. (SVUesque line).

Ratings go up the roof when someone is in a fight with someone, or divorcing another.  It always revolves around the negative.  Why are we obsessed with such? Why are we so drawn to negativity?  Is it our nature to pounce (not sexually ;)…) on one another?  Of course it is entertaining, but isn’t it a little sick that our generation is more interested on US Weekly telling us that Snookie got arrested rather than CNN‘s story about poverty in America?

I am no saint, that’s for sure.  But it’s weird that these producers and writers, purposely want something negative to happen so their ratings goes up with no regard to human feelings.  It’s like watching animals.  Yes, these people signed up to be shown on TV, but that satisfaction as a viewer is what is frightening.  I am obsessed with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, and since the show has started, there has been fights, abortions, cheating, etc. Clearly, watching that makes me feel better about myself, and maybe that’s what it is.  We all have insecurities, and watching people making a fool of themselves makes us feel better.

Who knows?  It just makes me wonder…

On aside:: A few years ago, Jenny introduced me to Miike Snow and he has the perfect song for  my curiosity.


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