Mental Health Week

Sorry that I haven’t posted recently.  It is because I am utterly stressed with the new ventures in my life.  In a nut shell: I am packing all this week, moving on Friday (no worries, I hired movers, no slave labor needed from my friends).  Then Saturday morning I drive to Maryland for my sister’s bridal shower and later that night is her bachelorette party.  That same night, Fred (Geri’s bf) is celebrating his birthday at the same location as my sister’s bachelorette party.  So it’s going to be a town full of clowns clowning around. To add, I have to finish my sister’s bridal shower painting.  OY!  And I have been missing my little Prince Joey.  I haven’t seen in him in a few weeks and he is growing up too fast!  Look at his deviant smile.  He is going to be a heart breaker, that’s for sure.

So I will be MIA for a week while I get my life in order.

On aside:: It’s Alaina’s birthday today!  She has joined me at the 24 Club.  For her birthday, I share a clip from her favorite movie, Dirty Dancing.


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