Moving Parts

Heyyyyy there!  It’s been a while.  I actually have been so busy that I haven’t had the chance to blog.  But no worries, I am back on track.  Just recently, I moved to a hip area and I am super excited about it.  It’s the perfect weather to go out to happy hour and be able to walk there.  My roommate is Camille.  We are such grown-ups.  So much so, that we are grandmas.  We are both in bed by 9:30-10pm.  I am actually writing on the working station in our apartment.

For one of my birthday parties, I had a splatter paint party where my girlfriends showed their artistic abilities.  I didn’t let them keep it because I envisioned a wall full of paintings.  Because each painting was different, it was very hard to decide how to organize them; well, for Gabriella and me.  My sister, Anderson, came to visit me with my mom and we asked for her help.  After a mere 10 minutes, she figured it out.  She also insisted on pretending she was on a talk show and narrated the reasons behind her choices.  GOL.  Gabriella and I basically were trying to work on the scheme for a good few hours in between unpacking, but Anderson just came in and figured it out, and it made sense.  This wall is right as you come into the apartment.  I look at it everyday and think how wonderful it looks.

Our First Night Out in Town

Camille and I were super stoked about going out in town.  We invited our friends, and as usual Fred was there.  We were technically celebrating his birthday as well.  You know someone is drunk when they say they are not  drunk.  We decided to go out to a local bar which we heard good things about.   It’s nothing new that we attempted to leave at 10:30 for the bar except we ended up leaving at 12:15am.  Our pre-games are too much fun.  Regardless, we were on our way to a great time… so we thought.

We ended up at the bar and immediately took shots right when we walked in.  I mean basically killing a whole handle wasn’t enough.  Of course, I needed to break the seal, which I hate, but I was drunk enough not to care.  As I come out of the bathroom with Camille and Jenny, I see three big bouncers around Geri and Fred.  Apparently, Geri was rummaging through to get to the other side of the dance floor and mistakenly bumped into a girl (with had no class, clearly).  The girl purposely shoved back and Geri was not having it, so she pushed and said “WTF”.   The girl then threw a drink in Geri’s face and that’s when all hell broke loose.  The girl knew the bouncers and that is why they had a blind eye when it came to the girl shoving Geri first.  Well, we were like whatever, we can go somewhere else.  Geri, takes her bottle of beer and made it rain on the girl.  She Tabasco’ed the girl with her bottle of beer.  Her weave was not happy about it.  GOL.

This is the annoying part.  Fred, of course, had no part in it and was talking to Geri to relax, but the dudes of the girl were trying to start something with Fred.  Fred is a big guy, but having 4 on 1 with 4 girls doesn’t really seem fair.  I hate when guys are trying to prove their masculinity.  It’s one thing if it had something to do with the guys, it’s another to fight a girl’s fight with a guy who had nothing to do with it.  But don’t get me wrong, I also can’t stand whimps.  I mean I am the biggest whimp.  I don’t fight, but it’s all good because I have Gabriella as my bodyguard.  I don’t like physical fights because I don’t see the point for girls, however, I can’t stand weak guys who are all talk.  Let’s get it straight, I am not promoting fighting, but if you have things to say and can’t handle the consequences, then you are not worthy.  LOL.

All in all, our first night out was a bit chaotic for the two hours that we were out.  We tried again the following night and ended up having a ball.

On aside::  I recently saw “Think Like A Man” and have become helplessly in love with Michael Ealy.  I mean I always thought he was fine, but his character in that movie made me fall in love with him once again.  When I came home, the commercial for came on.  I thought it was destiny.  I am not about online dating, but this was just an easy way to see what was out there.  I made a temporary profile.  Let’s just say, it took me about an hour to unsubscribe because no one looked like the guys on the commercials or Michael Ealy.  So, I am on a hunt.

Also, I am in love with Rihanna’s new music video.  I love how she incorporated West Indies’ dance moves to a techno beat.  I can’t wait for JB’s video for”Boyfriend” to come out.  I love that song!


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