The Demise of My Mind

Recently, I posted a question that asked what I can do to regain my memory. Truth be told, I have a memory of an 80 year-old woman and a bad back like one too (that’s neither here nor there). I try to remember certain situations, but it doesn’t work for me. I have to think hard to remember what I did the past week–and it wasn’t because I was black out drunk. Those nights are accounted for.

I briefly mentioned in my previous post that I barely remember things that I lend out. Sometimes, I find a new article of clothing in my closet that I completely forgot that I purchased the week before. (That is not so terrible–I actually enjoy when that happens). I’ve been thinking that I should start carrying a journal in my purse so I can jot down ideas/thoughts/concerns/questions that I may come across because eight out of ten, I am going to forget it.

I noticed my bad memory a while back and tried to train my brain what to remember and what I can afford to forget. In the past, if I seriously needed to remember something, I would tell my brain to put it in the “do not forget” cabinet of my brain. These days, I try that but it no longer works. It goes straight for the shredder. Now I have to carry a journal around to remember ideas.

Just last week, I went out to dinner with a few of my ex co-workers and I was telling them a story. This past week, I asked each of them if they remembered what I was referring to, and no one remembered. That can mean one of two things:

  1. My story sucked and they weren’t listening.
  2. Or the Margaritas went straight to their heads.

One day it will come back to me, and when that day comes I will share the story. All I know is that I was explaining to them one of the topics of this blog: the confusion of my reality.

Recently, I saw Hunger Games. I didn’t expect it to be what it was. I will go in more detail about my take on the movie but I want to address the question that everyone asks me: Did you read the book? Here’s the thing, I don’t like reading fiction. I have a hard enough time remembering my reality and then add a few TV shows and my dreams, I am all sorts of disheveled and unaware what is my reality. When I watch too much SVU, I start reacting like everything is a murder mystery. Just the other day I confused my life with an episode of Family Guy. You are probably reading this and realizing that I AM a looney. Sometimes things that happen in my dream I confuse as my reality, which makes me seem like a crazy person.

If we add fiction books, that’s just going to confuse me even more. I stick with non-fiction books because I know that it actually happened. (Let’s not get into the political aspect of non-fiction books: real facts vs. embellished facts.) So my answer: NO, I did not read Hunger Games.

Plus, what’s the fun of that. I am obsessed with Harry Potter because I love the movies. I hate people who say the book is better. You know that’s the case for every book vs. movie dilemma so why bother watching the movie? Think about it. What movie was every better than the book/comic? I have nothing to compare the movie to but the story line and the cinematography and I am fine with that.

SPOILER ALERT! (Not really because apparently everyone either read the book or saw the movie.)

After I watched Hunger Games, I had the feeling of satisfaction. It’s rare that movies do that. The movies that leave you guessing,with no sequels, are very irritating, like Inception. I very much love that movie, but the ending keeps me wondering if it was real or not. I like to think optimistically and say it was real. While watching the Hunger Games, I was at the edge of my seat. I didn’t even realize it was a two and half hour movie.

Alaina, Geri, Jenny and I are in a group chat. I texted them after I saw the movie to tell them how I enjoyed the movie; so-much-so that I have battle wounds. I was covering my eyes when The Capitol threw in some dogs in the game. I knew something was going to pop out from the dark, so I attempted to cover my eyes. I wanted to catch a glimpse of the movie to see if that scary party was over. In the nick of time, the dogs popped out of no where. I was frightened and ended up poking my left eye. I had a scratch for a few days. I think it’s better now.

The movie ended quite late and only one responded to my text about my battle wound. I knew Jenny and Alaina saw it, but Geri didn’t get a chance to just yet. I briefly mentioned the movie, being very vague to be fair to Geri. Of course, Jenny goes ahead and goes in detail about the movie and about different scenes of the movie. I told her that she ruined the movie for Geri and Jenny then continued to explain the whole premise of the movie: that everyone dies. Geri was clearly sleeping and woke up to these texts and claimed to fuming. She was not pleased with Jenny. Typical Jenny move. GOL.

Back to the movie. It freaks me out that the author thought of an idea such as this. I see the parallel to the social class system today. I always said that stories come from some version of the truth. (Like dragons… maybe they exist.) To show a government (The Capitol) to punish those who betrayed them in the past (or was in the same District as the betrayers), by putting them in a killing spree can be seen as today’s government strategy. As seen in the movie, the less fortunate are the ones who have to participate in this horrible game. It’s safe to say that those who join the military are more likely to be from a middle-low class family. I felt for the girl. You can train all you want but when push-comes-to-shove, when you are faced to take another’s life, training can help you oh-so-much. I also felt bad for Miley Cyrus’ bf in the movie. By the way, he literally was in the movie for 20 minutes yet he’s fame-whoring around the world. He better be have a bigger role in the sequels.

On aside:: Taylor Momsen really said it. I sometimes feel like “somebody mixed my medicine” when I can’t remember things. Her band is my guilty pleasure. Taylor is seriously the next Courtney Love, and I don’t hate it. Check it out!


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