I Wear My Pants Down Low

I have a relatively long ride to work. With one hour to spare each way, I have a lot that I can go over in my head. Lately, I’ve been cringing more than usual thinking about things that happened in college. Shockingly enough, I never cringed about some fashion choices that I have made. It was more like things I said while being intoxicated.

It’s true I have a passion for fashion, but there’s one thing that I can take a huge fashion fault for. Ever since I can remember, I had and have this obsession with baggy sweatpants. It’s not a surprise to my friends that I like sweatpants because my friends are actually embarrassed by my sweatpants choices. I say, “The baggier the better!”

I have no problem letting my friends borrow my clothes. I have very bad memory and because I am an excessive shopper, I forget that I lent clothes to others. My friends are very aware of my situation, especially Alaina. She takes that to her full advantage. There are times I look at her and find her outfit to look very familiar, and then she confesses that it was once mine. “Was” being the operative word. I have countless amounts of clothing that have disappeared throughout the years.

With that being said, I do keep an eye on my sweatpants. Like I said, I love my sweatpants. It’s very hard to find a good pair of baggy sweatpants that basically makes you feel like you aren’t wearing anything. Guys have it easy. They wear sweatpants out all day everyday. I can only wear it, respectively, when I am home and not in public. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t go out in public with my sweats.

Here’s the thing: I like wearing sweats so much that I wear them till its death. In high school, I “borrowed” a pair of black sweats that just-so-happened to be my friend’s dad’s sweats. Those sweats went through hell and back. Junior year of college is when I was forced to throw the sweats out. In the end, the sweats was to its bare minimal with bleach stains from cleaning up after crazy and reckless nights out from the past years and holes everywhere. The embarrassing part (for my friends, I didn’t care) is that I would go out in public with them on a lazy day and/or when I had a hangover. I think about those sweats all the time. I miss them. I formed some attachment, especially with the comfort it served me .

Recently, I wore these sweats while running back and forth between my car and my apartment. Of course, I wore these sweatpants that no longer had drawstrings. So with excessive movement, they fall down. (Actually I am wearing them as I write this…LOL). Just a back story: There is a hot dad that lives upstairs from me. Too cute, but has this annoying 2-year old son that we like to call “The Chandelier Shaker”. You would think that he was 50 lb. kid, but I came face-to-face with my arch nemesis. He was a little peanut. Yes, he was cute like his dad, but I couldn’t let him know that; couldn’t let my guard down. His dad, however, is a real nice guy. I find myself coming home exactly the same time as he and we always have some small talk. I do NOT hate it. GOL.

There I was; running back and forth with my hands full of goods. It was during the day and I felt my sweats starting to fall. Trying to work every way possible for my pants not to fall. My biggest obstacle: going down the stairs with my hands full and my sweats edging its way down to the floor. I took the second step down and the next thing I know I was not wearing any pants. Luckily, I was wearing a baggy shirt. I was looking too good that day. GOL. As I am embarrassed and in hysterics, I dropped the things in my hands and picked up my sweatpants. I can only hope that no one witnessed such a scene because it was truly embarrassing, yet funny. I do not get embarrassed so easily, but this was on some other level.

Lucky for me, baggy sweatpants are back in style like the 90s. If you are unaware of that, I give it till next fall to really take off in America. However, I don’t think my bleached spotted sweatpants with holes will never come in style.

On aside:: Recently, I discovered this amazing (relatively) new artist, Porcelain Black. I am so intrigued by her, especially her fake lips. Below is her first single and I think its crazy good. It’s definitely my Spring song. Check it out…


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