All Clowns Unite

It’s safe to say that I am now in my mid-20s.  What does that mean?  All I know is that it is six years from 30.  Dreadful!  I must say I did have a fabulous birthday celebrating with great friends.  During the day, I had a splatter paint party.  I don’t know how I forgot that my 20-something year-old friends act like they are in grade school.  It’s either that or they were super excited to do art.  I don’t blame them.  I get the same way.  Give a girl a brush and wild colors that they can throw on a canvas, you are bound to get messy.  Oh, don’t forget to add the wine.  I had my art party at Michael’s and I made sure that they would block out the windows of the room so no one from the store and look in.  My excuse?  I had a friend who had very bad social anxiety that would feel uneasy having people looking at her (Delilah).  Truth?  We needed to get our drank on.  All in all, it was a great success.  Here are some of the paintings:

Of course, Jenny and Alaina always create some sort of ruckus.  I explained to the girls that in the goodie bags, (yes, there were goodie bags) there was one great goodie.  I knew telling the girls that would only cause Alaina more eager to find the right bag before Jenny does.  Knowingly, Jenny picked the bag with the bedazzled flask.  Woah, was Alaina not happy.  Now everyone got a flask, just not a bedazzled one.  I knew Jenny knew because when I asked if she peeked in the bags, she had this clownish smile which went ear-to-ear on her face.  I asked why she was smiling so weirdly and she said it was because she was excited to paint.  Good one!

That night, we all went to NYC.  At first, we came across a problem with the first location.  Let’s just say the crowd at the place was not exactly what we were trying to bump and grind to in our six-inch heels (or Jenny’s over-the-knee flat boots that I asked her not to wear that night).  The place we ended up was great.  We had a great time.  All the people who came to celebrate had a fabulous time.  It was toward the end of the night, as usual, that things got hazy and further away.

Apparently, Alaina was not allowed back in.  The bouncer looked like Rick Ross, The Big Boss.  Respectively, Alaina thought it was appropriate for her to explain to the bouncer that she volunteers as a teacher of law in Camden. “Why?” you ask.  No one knows.  At the time, she thought she needed to explain to the bouncer that she is a good person who doesn’t get kicked out of bars.  What better way to explain to the bouncer by telling him that you volunteer in one of the most dangerous areas?  Definitely implying that the bouncer could relate due to his skin tone.  Alaina was cringing the whole next day.  But hey!  It happens.

I love my birthday a lot for the sole reason that all my girlfriends come together to celebrate.  It’s hard to get everyone together because we are all busy trying to run the world, but it means a lot when my friends take the time to come out and celebrate my birthday.

On aside:: Recently, I figured out that I’m mean with a video camera.  Never have I ever actually video taped anything, but I was exposed to a very faboosh camera recently.  I was playing with it and taped a very short, yet cute video of my slob monster, Baby Joey.  He was sleeping like an angel when I took this video.  Take a look.  Next, tape something longer and go to Cannes. (All in good fun!)


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  1. Sab's Sissie says:

    I wish I had a painting to contribute. Faboosh aye? LOL Glad you had a good time!

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