I don’t get why people can’t drive. It’s very simple, yet there are some that don’t get it. As said in my previous post, I had some anger issues in the past. I think it diverged into road rage. I must admit, I have the worst road rage.

I can be in the middle of a conversation and start buggin’. Foul language is an understatement.  In the nick of time, I come up with very unique phrases.  However, I never say racist or gender-biased comments. Unfortunately, I am not going to say any of my expressions because of my younger readers. To tell you the truth, I barely remember. It happens so fast and then I am back to my normal state.  (I don’t like the word normal. I never did because no one knows what normal really is. I rather be weird than normal, and I think I am doing a pretty good job.)

I do not judge drivers on their looks or ethnicity. I judge them on their actual driving skills. Let’s get something straight. It is said that women drivers suck. Out of all my girlfriends, there is only one that I question, Alaina. Other than that, they are all good drivers. Jenny use to have a heavy foot but that’s because she is a size 10. I am a fast driver. I don’t like red lights. I don’t like making left turns. When the hurricane happened and the street lights were off, I had to get to work by making only right turns. It was a fun game for me. I am not a tailgater, but I’ll make it known to get out of my way. My mom doesn’t like to get in a car with me because she is afraid of my road rage. She’s a wimp. GOL

The past two days, I  have been stuck in traffic behind idiots. Things I don’t get about dumb drivers:

  1. When you are on a highway where the speed limit is 65 (aka 75), why do you think it’s okay to drive 55 mph? If you have the authority to drive fast go for it! I am always on the go. I love driving fast. I don’t like to stop. I only see green. I hate pressing on my breaks or seeing others’ break lights go off.
  2. Why is it that some drivers think it is necessary to basically come to a full halt before turning? Yes, slow down, but you do not have to actually stop. These are the people who create traffic.
  3. The fast lane means go fast, NOT let’s abide by the speed limit and cruise on by. The reason I have to weave through lanes is because of the people who are on the fast lane that aren’t going fast. WHY WHY WHY???
  4. When changing lanes, there is no need to speed down. That is how accidents happen. Just slip on in. I rather have some one cut me off than have someone take 5 minutes to change a lane.
  5. Last night, I was coming home from work, and the traffic was ridiculous. I was in traffic for 1 hour. I assumed it was an accident caused by an amateur driver. About a mile away from my exit, I see the accident. IT WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE! If there is an accident ON THE OTHER SIDE, why is there traffic on the side the I am on? Oh I know, because people have to be nosy and stare at it. My luck, the road was clear as day after my exit.
  6. Rain. I love the rain. Sleeping in the rain. Dancing in the rain. Singing in the rain. However, I hate bad drivers in the rain. Seriously, it’s just water on the ground. I don’t expect you to be Speedy Gonzalez, but you don’t have to go 20 miles less than the limit. UGHIES! Today, I was on a road that was 45 mph, but some GD fools drove 30 mph on account of the rain causing traffic.
  7. I don’t like to beep because I feel guilt. There were times when I would beep and drive by to find it to be an old person. Actually, that happened every time I beeped.  I propose this: DON’T HAVE OLD PEOPLE DRIVE WITH A LICENSE FROM THE 20’s. Old people shouldn’t drive. First, they shrink close to a height of a 12 year-old. And the last time I checked, it’s illegal for a 12 year-old to drive. Their eye sight worsens and they shake. Okay, I might be generalizing, but it’s more likely to be true than false. They should retake the driver’s license test. (I like old people aside from their old people smell. I think they are cute.)
  8. While I was stuck in traffic, I was stuck behind a van. Firstly, vans are the worst things ever. I think they are ugly and… UGLY! I rather be caught dead than drive a van when I am a mom. So the van I was behind also had a TV thing. As we were driving 5 mph (no exaggeration), I was watching. I was hoping it was Lion King or something. It was Winnie the Pooh: The Movie. While watching, I started getting nauseous. It was probably because I was straining my eyes to watch it. Okay, so this isn’t the driver’s fault but those things are a distraction.

There it is; my Road Rage Rant (R.R.R.). I had more, but once I am out of the car I forget.  That’s why I carry a physical journal in my purse. One last thing, the reason we hit traffic is because  there is ONE FOOL who does one of these things I listed. If people just learned how to drive with confidence, we would not have accidents or traffic. Furthermore, I am not advocating drag racing or those clowns who think they are cool with their loud engines. I wish people just drove to drive so we can all get to our destination in peace.

On aside: I love to listen to music in the car and imagine myself as a video honey in the music video. GOL. I think most people do that but they don’t admit it. I also like to sing like I am at my own concert, but not with Jenny because she overpowers me in the car. I can only imagine what people think when they are driving by. I get most of my thinking and brainstorming done in the car while listening to music. I love to find new music, which I am about to share with you. I love this song. It is a great song to dream dance to.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jill says:

    UGH…i am loling in the quiet section at the fartuary…i know your most famous saying in the car “YOU MOTHER F****ER”!!! in your weird bengali accent aka marlboro accent aka jersey city accent or WHATEVER…this reminds me of that time we were cruising down 287 when that stupe ass guy got in the way and you were riding his hiney then sped around him then would slow down so he was in grid lock and i was in hysterics as he finally sped by glaring us down…it also reminds me of the thanksgiving story i shared recently of Kate being vicious on the roads…that is my input for today!

  2. brindaguha says:

    dude, the picture of the angry kid at the top is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen.

  3. siders says:

    Drive fast, but don’t drive too fast.

    There is no such thing as “fast lane” it’s called a passing lane.

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