My Five Personalities…

It’s the holiday season! I love the holidays. It puts me in a great mood. Thanksgiving is less than two days away. To tell you the truth, Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. Aside from the history and political aspect of this holiday, the abundance of food is overwhelming.

In light of this holiday, I suppose I can express what I am thankful for. I am very thankful for the friends I have. Recently, I realized that my group of girlfriends is a very rare breed. We are the first to be on the dance floor and the last ones to get off. Our mindsets are on the same level as one another and our humor is wildly inappropriate and raw. It is ironic how we all found one another, but it works.

I can’t express my love for “Sex and the City.” The movie was absolutely perfect. Just recently, we turned it on at Camille’s house. I wish our conversations were recorded because to us, it sounds coherent. To an outsider, we sound like a bunch of girls who have really bad ADD and find the smallest things hysterical. Without them, my life would be very dull. Back to “Sex and the City,” we like to assign one another to certain characters. I like to consider myself Carrie with a dash of Samantha. My friends think I am Louise (Carrie’s cringeworthy assistant in the movie) or the cab driver from the Carrie and Miranda’s forgiveness scene. They know I am right, they like to bust my chops.

Throughout the years, I have made great friends and dropped unnecessary “friends.” Those who stuck by me, went through hell and back. I feel like I have to haze people before being my good friend, only because I am a nutcase. I need to make sure they can handle my many personalities.

  1. Sabs: When I am being friendly
  2. Sabby: When I am being silly
  3. Sabarella: When I am dancing
  4. Xbrina: Do I have to explain this one?
  5. Sabrina: When I am angry

Believe it or not, I have a very bad temper. It use to be so bad that I had to secretly go on meds. Meet me now,you wouldn’t think that I have any rage, well maybe in certain situations. I don’t think I have a bad temper anymore, then again I wouldn’t know because I black out during those situations. In high school, I realized I had to do something about my rage and anger when I blacked out and did something bad.

Alaina is one of my closest best friends. We’ve been friends for a very long. She is quite the character. Alaina is one smart cookie. No one wants to get on my bad side because I bring a war when it’s a small battle. (I am kind of like George W. Bush only I don’t put it the innocent in harm’s way.) Geri and I were in a high school fight. It was very dumb and petty but at the time it seemed to be the most important thing in the world. With this fight, our clic had many cracks in it. Alaina was in the middle for no apparent reason. I guess she said something that triggered my anger. I was driving back and stopped short, and I didn’t realize that she took her seat belt off. Thankfully, she didn’t fly through the glass. She didn’t speak to me for three days. We can laugh about it now. (Well some of us.) But that was the event that made me go fix my very dangerous flaw.

Alaina and Geri are the ones who experienced the wrath of Sabrina. Sometimes I wonder how they dealt with my torture, but I guess that’s why we have this great relationship. That goes for all of my friends. I am thankful for having a great group of friends who have their life together, but don’t on the weekends. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!


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