Uncontrollable Urges

Sorry for the delay. I have been feeling a bit under the weather. It doesn’t help that the weather is the worse.

This past weekend, I went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1. It is a known fact that I love vampires. Let’s get one thing straight. I love vicious vampires that have uncontrollable urges. That’s what’s so intriguing about vampires and why they are so irresistible; one specifically, Eric Northman from True Blood.

I went to see this movie for two reasons:

  1. To keep up with the saga.
  2. A tradition I created to watch these movies in the theater.

I knew it was bad from the reviews. I knew the actors were the worst. I knew the effects were immature. I knew all of this yet I went to see it with Katrina. (We had a nice romantic girl date- so it was only appropriate to go see it.)

Clearly, I got the theaters mixed up and ended up missing the first 10 minutes. I think I’ll live. While buying the tickets, the  movie guy had to provide us with a disclaimer. Great! As we sat in the theater (only seats where we can put our feet up), I immediately started to cringe.

What is wrong with Kristin Stewart? We all know she is awkward and she wears Converses with wedding dresses. We get it. But as an actor, aren’t you suppose to be versatile? Like if I acted as myself, I would be a reality star not an actress. (Yes-star!) It’s Bella’s GD wedding day, did she have to do her weird stances and looks? I am not a hater, I just wonder. I mean at this rate, I guess Jenny really could be an actress. Jenny’s one regret is not being an actress. For those who know Jenny, it’s okay to laugh out loud. We all did.

Okay, so aside from the bad acting, non-stop cringing, and face-palming from the horrific one-liners, I realized that this movie has a bunch of subliminal messages. This saga is aimed for tweens. We have our older crowd that watch it as well. Initially, this was for tweens for easy reading purposes.

When I was a tween, there were a ton of things going through my head. A book about vampires, love and marriage would greatly effect my train of thought. Hopefully, some know it’s just a book, but there are others who would take it to heart and believe in this load of crap. So here are my thoughts about this saga, in print and on-screen.

  1. This has been said plenty of times before but I need to reiterate this. It teaches young girls that without a man (dead or alive), there is no point of living. Bella tried to kill herself when she found out that Edward went to Italy (or whatever) and left her at Forks. The only reason she didn’t do anything drastic is she found comfort in Jacob.  Thus, a young girl needs some sort of man to live a normal life. WTH! That’s absurd. This creates insecurities for young girls. Again, young people are still trying to find themselves, and having a movie that basically promotes love or death, it is a very slippery slope.
  2. Throughout the movies (not wasting my time reading this), Edward and Bella speak 10 sentences to each other. They are either laying around in a field of greens, or they say two words, smile and start making out. Yeah, because that’s what a relationship is about. Granted, I am not one to speak, but I think I’ve seen my share of relationships and I don’t think it consist of, “You’re a vampire,” and making out  immediately after.
  3. The painful choice that Bella has to make between Jacob and Edward is absolutely absurd. Let’s look at this. Bella falls in love with a vampire. Edward who is trying to ween off of human blood. However, he still has self-control issues. Once he starts, he can’t stop. So ultimately, he can  be a serial killer. Plus, he keeps saying he will not let anything/anyone hurt Bella. I am pretty sure she has been in the hospital two times already because she was severely hurt.  So much for protecting her. Then we have Jacob. I might be biased in this but why not him? I mean he is a huge cuddly bear. He is warm, unlike Edward who is ice cold. Imagine having sex with that, oh wait they had sex and she almost died! I don’t get Bella. She is your typical girl.
  4. Did everyone forget that Bella is only 18?  And she gets married? Clearly, her parents are the worst for letting their 18 year-old daughter marry a guy she/they barely know. She hangs out with killers, is in the hospital more than enough, disappears here and there, but her parents don’t question it. Are they too consumed with their own life that they don’t notice their child is making a harmful choice? That is seriously bad parenting. On top of that, she rather choose love then get an education and make something for herself. Seriously Stephanie Meyers, you are a great role model. Let me tell you. Bella even considers becoming a vampire for the sake of love. What about her parents? Forget about her friends. She only has one that is in love with her. Bella basically decides to be a part of a cult.
  5. This is probably the most irritable point I have. Bella marries Edward knowing they can’t have sex. What the hell is that about? So they tried, and she ended up pregnant. Nice!  Spoiler Alert: Bella is ready to deliver in 4 weeks or something. No one knows what it is. All they know it is a human and vampire morphed together and it’s dangerous. Okay. I am Pro-Choice. Haters can hate.  If you know your kid is going to be dangerous; as in a killer, help society out and abort that baby. Well following the theme, she didn’t. Disregarding everyone’s opinions and went with her instinct. That’s fine; her choice. The fact the baby is eating her from the inside out and killing her, I think this is when you think with your head and not your heart. This book promotes having babies regardless if you are ready, if the baby is a dangerous menace, or if it is killing you. I guarantee you that all the teen moms on Teen Mom definitely read this load of crap.

The best is Bella dies but comes back a vampire. Good luck telling your parents that. Bella is in a dangerous relationship, harming others but it’s all because of love. This happened once before. Oh yeah, the war caused by Helen of Troy. Honestly, I just don’t get why people are obsessed with this saga. It’s a pathetic towards love. I am not a feminist or anything, but this teaches girls the wrong things.

On a lighter note: Here’s a great video from the Black Keys. These kids got it right. Hopefully, they don’t read/watch the Twilight series.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Diana's SIster says:

    Another thing it is teaching young woman is that sex is bad……have sex….end up with a kid

  2. siders says:

    you forgot to mention that the fight scenes were epic

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