Thrills of Smirnoff Ice

I introduced Jay D in the previous blog. I must share a funny story from the past.

It was the summer, before he decided to go Pre-Med. He explained that he was very stressed between work, the Army and his girlfriend. He was also stressed from the change of management at the company.

I asked Jay D to file some paperwork from me.  He asked if he could take a half-hour break to run home real quick.

Exactly a half hour later, Jay D comes running in. He continued to file away the files without speaking. He was all disheveled. He tells me that he was so stressed he went to go have a drink. I was shocked. Jay D DOES NOT drink, so that must mean he was seriously stressed.

I mean the way Jay D was acting, I thought he had about three shots, at least. I asked him what he drank. He tells me Smirnoff. I questioned if he made a drink or took a shot. He tells me he had TWO Smirnoff Ices. GOL.

Jay D was so stressed that he had to run home to drink two Smirnoff Ices and got toasty from it. I was actually crying from laughter.

I think the last time I had a Smirnoff Ice was when I went on my Junior Ski Trip in High School. Jay D keeps me young with his outrageous antics.


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  1. Jill says:

    i honestly think you could write an entire blog just based on Jay-D

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