Boy Don’t Hurt Your Brain Thinking What You Gonna Say

BANKS. That’s the only thing you need to know. Jenny and I discovered her some time ago, and we have been dedicated followers ever since.

What really got me into Banks is her dark, rhythmic tone to all her songs. And of course, the most honest and raw lyrics that make you understand the pain that she is and has gone through. I also appreciate her music more because she herself has great taste in music. Banks has quoted many times before that Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill are two artists she aspires to be like.

To be honest, there is no one like Banks. “Goddess”, the album, is amazing and underrated. It is her audio diary of her darkest and deepest feelings. However, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be very big soon enough. It’s all dependent on how long the electric music phenomena exists. A true artist like Banks will be glorious with her grim, caliginous lyrics and hypnotic beats.

We just recently saw Banks at Terminal 5. Amazing performer, but be alarmed she has her own moves.

Best Songs **I love all her songs.**

  1. Before I Ever Met You: This song takes you through her journey of realizing the good and the bad her relationship; the bad out weighing the good.

2. Brain: Defines the loss of individuality. Conforming to what is expected. Suppressing the unexpected.

3. Someone New: Not only are the lyrics so raw, but her vocals are beautiful. This song explains that some times you have to let go of someone to grow, but hard not to be selfish and ask them to wait.

4. And I Drove You Crazy: Here you have a relationship that is clearly not working, but force feeding themselves making each other crazy.

5. Alibi: In other words, “excuses”. “Alibi” is not actually in the song; just implied. It’s addresses being harmed in a relationship, reacting badly, and asking for forgiveness. The bold lyric: “convince me that I am not a monster” reacts to justify that she isn’t as bad as thinks makes herself seem.

6. Goddess: This should be the anthem for every woman of every kind. It goes from blaming the man for not appreciating her worth to wanting her back after realizing she the “goddess” that he wants and needs.

7. Begging for Thread: This is probably the most complex song, and the song that describes her complexity as a person. Banks explains the song is “about embracing your scratched edges. At times I feel crazy, but I wrote this song because sometimes I like that feeling.”

8. Waiting Game: This song is more common to the naked ear as it was in the Victoria Secret commercial and some movie trailers. Banks contemplates the feelings that she has and thinks over the relationship that they have together.

These are just a few of my favorites, but there are others that are just as amazing.



This Is What It Feels Like


Bedroom Wall

Fall Over

Warm Water

F*ck Em Only We Know


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