And Every Girl in Here Gotta Look Me Up and Down

Let’s be serious, girls dress for girls. Beyonce said it the best. It’s no secret that she is taking over the world. They don’t call her “Queen Bey” for no reason. Here are some ways you can Beyoncify your wardrobe with Icons’ styles.

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1. The “Rachael”

Sometime it’s good to take a risk and get out of your comfort zone. Beyonce loves her jumpsuits. She has no fear in experimenting in different types, i.e. shorts, long pants, sleeveless, printed. You name it; she’s tried it. More recently, Beyonce has been showing her old school style with prints. The “Rachael” is a great way to be bold with your fashion sense and enhance your wardrobe. With a fabulous accessory such as a headpiece or a statement necklace, a pair of heels, and the lightweight style of the Rachael, for sure you will turn heads like Beyonce does!

 Beyonce’s Versions:
Icons’ Version:

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2. The “Sumaira”

Sticking with the jumpsuit theme, a backless jumpsuit is perfect for this summer! The style is what I like to call “business in the front; a party in the back”. Be like Beyonce and expose the back and side of your body. The wide legged pants brings a fierce, yet retro accent to the style. With the “Sumaira”, you can try to wear a backlace. (Coming soon!) Or the classic necklace, so the exposed back can be a surprise to your fans!

 Beyonce’s Version:

Icons’ Version:

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3. The “Kristin”

2014 is all about prints, especially tribal prints. Experimenting with prints is a fun way to bring fierceness to your wardrobe. The “Kristin” is a comfortable and chic style that can be worn out in town with a great pair of heels, or worn as a day outfit with some fun flats. Beyonce LOVES tribal prints in every aspect, in bottoms and tops. Her greatest accessory with her prints is her hair.

 Beyonce’s Version:

Icons’ Version:

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4. The “Mindy”

Aside from wearing prints, you can channel your inner Beyonce by wearing bold and bright colors. It’s no secret that Beyonce loves yellow. The “Mindy” is light weight, flowy and absolutely romantic. The style can be appropriate for any occasion including a red-carpet event! Accent it with a great statement necklace for a fancy event or wear a turban or headpiece for a day outing!

Beyonce’s Version:

Icons’ Version:

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5/6. The “Heather” and the “Vanessa”

It’s no big secret that showing your midriff is bigger than ever. Beyonce loves her crop top outfits. It’s a great way to show your curves and be super sexy. A great body piece would be ideal with any crop top outfit. The “Heather” is edgy yet classy. The “Vanessa” is sexy yet romantic. Lace is appropriate for any occasion, but a crop top is just bold enough to turn heads.

Beyonce’s Version:


Icons’ Versions:

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7. Jewelry


Beyonce is one to love her accessories as does Icons! You can turn a plain white tee into a chic outfit by adding a headpiece. Or you can wear a bodylace with any of the Icons’ styles. Or wear it with a bathing suit when on the beach to compliment your curves. Check out the different one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry for the final piece to surely channel your inner Beyonce!

Beyonce’s Version:

Icons’ Versions:

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