A Diva is Female Version of a Hustler

Hayyyyyyyy Ms Cartaaaaa!

Hell yeah, I would claim you as a martyr.

It’s far from an obsession with you, Queen Bee.

I’m more in awe with your tenacity.

I still remember when you were the guest VJ for the MTV awards.

Or when Destiny’s Child started out as four.

Somehow you went from the lead singer of a pop group

To the leader of the music coop.

My life motto; “If Bey can do it, so can I.”

I think like you and try to aim high.

How in the world did you have time for a secret album?

“I woke up like this” is my anthem.

People were hating on the fact you went solo.

They just knew after you, no one could follow.

“Yes” was an underrated song.

“Partition” is so good that it’s wrong.

The question, “Who upgraded whom?”,

Doesn’t matter because you guys both bloomed.

Jigga and you claimed your thrown.

And then a princess emerged, who is basically your clone.

Your love is no doubt for real.

I see how much with what the album revealed.

But I am confused why you are friends with Gwyneth.

She doesn’t make sense in your circle. She’s desperate.

A true friend will tell you that sometimes you sound illiterate.

But your success is proof you are not a degenerate.

It’s that H-town accent that gets me.

This year’s birthday theme, “A weekend like Queen Bee”.

I am reaching my 26th birthday,

I realized being you is no child’s play.

Wish me the best year Beyonce,

And pass your positive vibes my way.

On aside:: I know I have been away for a while, but here’s the new look of the blog with some added categories! Like the surprise of the blog change, Beyonce also surprised us with her raunchy album in December. I have been studying the album day and night. “Partition” is the sluttiest side I’ve seen Beyonce till date (but slutty with her husband). Love it!


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