Green Mexican Gumbo

It’s no secret that I love to come up with my own recipes, but I always forget what I did or what I used.  It’s very rare that I can make the same recipe twice.  Thus, I am attempting to jot them down.

On Friday, I went to the local art fair where they had local vendors sell homemade and natural food products. I ended up getting some great salsa that is super spicy and super delicious. I also love anything that is spicy; the spicier the better.

I wasn’t that hungry this evening, but I knew if I didn’t eat, I’ll get hungry later, eat too late and then regret it. So as I was taking my dead flowers and making it into potpourri, I came up with a soup recipe, and not for nothing, it came out delectable.

So let’s start with what you’ll need;

  • Spinach fettuccine (can sub any type of pasta, the spinach fettuccine makes it green)
  • Salsa of your choice
  • Fresh lemon
  • Sea salt
  • Turkey meatballs (pulled chicken, ground beef or tofu could work as well)
  • Bread (I am not a fan of bread, but I thoroughly enjoy Ezekiel bread.)
  • Cheese (garnish)
  1. Start by using a quart pot and fill it with 2/3 of water. (I will get better with the measurements… LOL)
  2. Take the fettuccine and break it in half. It’s so much easier to eat than it being long. Add it to the pot of water. I never actually wait for the water to boil.  I like for all the ingredients to start the boil together to get a more unison taste. photo 1(3) photo 2(3)photo 3(2)
  3. Add three to four spoonfuls of the salsa.  Again, do it to taste. All dependent on how spicy your salsa is and how much flavor you want to add to your soup. I added four. photo 4(2) photo 5(2)
  4. Then cut a sliver of the lemon and squeeze it in the soup. At the this point, the soup is slowly starting to boil. photo 3(1) photo 4(1)
  5. Next add a few pinches of sea salt to your 2
  6. The last thing to add is your protein. I added turkey meatballs that I got from Trader Joe’s, but I imagine it to be just as good with pulled chicken, ground beef or tofu. photo 5
  7. Now that all the ingredients are in, bring it to a boil for about two minutes on a high flame. After the two minutes, bring it down to a low heat and cook it for about 20 minutes.  The pasta will cook through, the ingredients will blend together and the soup will start to thicken. In the meantime, toast your 2(1)
  8. Once the pasta and turkey meatballs are cooked thoroughly, it is ready to eat. Throw in a pinch of cheese on top and enjoy!

photo 1(1)

**To add more flavor, add some fat free sour cream.


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  1. Lima says:

    I will try this recipe ! Looks awesome

    1. Yay! Let me know how it comes out!

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