What Goes Up Must Come Down

It is crazy that it is December. It feels like it was January not too long ago when I made my New Year’s resolutions. I kept with some, and I didn’t attempt the others. Unfortunately for me, my lack of memory will not help my defeat because I have written it down for the world to see.

I really thought this year was going to be a good year. For my professional life, it has been. I finally found a manufacturer that I have been working with to develop my design, and will be receiving my pieces later this month or earlier next month to start the next step. (Don’t forget to follow @iconsboutique on Instagram and Facebook). I have a job that I enjoy. I am taking my art more seriously now. So those are things I am definitely most proud of when it comes to 2013.

I hate the saying, “what goes up must come down”. Because as much I want to believe it isn’t true for everyone, in some aspect, everyone experiences it. It could be minute or very life changing. Mine? I am not sure where it lies on the spectrum.

From my past posts, it was apparent that I really took pride in my friend circle. We are smart, fun, and reliable. We are all funny and we all like to have a good time. Some a little more than others. But no harm, no foul… until harm is done.

This summer changed our friend circle dramatically. Unforeseen circumstances were revealed and our lives changed, rightfully so. People you thought you knew so well for years somehow surprise you in the worst way. It is crazy!

With all that was said and done, I am still left dumbfounded and not sure how to go about continuing different friendships. Every moment is questioned. Every past experience seems to be a ploy. True colors are revealed. No excuses justified. Even now, with everything said and done, it is just not the same, and I don’t think it will be the same.

It puts a lot of things in perspective. There are so many moments in your life that you can say and do things that you feel is right, even though it is completely wrong. There are moments that you can do something and forget about the consequences that follow or think about everyone and everything that would be in play. There are moments that you want to express your feelings that can make or break a friendship even though it does not consist any merit because there is no justification. There are moments in your life where you feel envious of your friends and could choose to support them or neglect them. The choices you make decipher the person you are.

They always say girls are a special breed, and from my experiences, they most definitely are. In some sense, you have to think that every experience is a learning curve to the realization that most people are concerned about themselves. It is only in time you will realize how far the depth of your selfishness goes. Like for me, I need to sit in the front passenger seat if someone else is driving unless someone pretends to be nauseous sitting in the back. :0)

On aside:: So to my surprise, I really enjoy Lady Gaga’s album (along with Miley Cyrus’s). My favorite song is below. She really tells you how it is. ENJOY!


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