YOLO to the Max

Once Drake rapped YOLO to me, I became a true believer of it. But it wasn’t till I recently turned 25 that I took YOLO to its utmost potential.  This weekend, I took it to another level with Jenny and Gabriella.

For me, it started on Friday. After work, usually I am beyond exhausted to the point I don’t want to go out after. I figured that I am still young enough to get crazy. My only problem is that my body can’t keep up, so I took it upon myself to mentally prepare me for my weekend and thus, my body will hopefully follow. It was a very risky test I was pulling.  I lose interest in going out once I turn on the TV and am enchanted by some TV show. So I very much made sure I wouldn’t turn my TV on while getting ready.  That is also why I am constantly late to things.

Nonetheless, I made it to the city and went to a place in Chelsea.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the venue.  I was in good company so that definitely made a difference.  And surprisingly enough, I didn’t black out, which I am very proud of. That night, I didn’t end up in my precious bed till 5:30am. I was in six-inch heels all night.  My legs were dying the next day.

Come Saturday, I told myself I was going to run all these errands, go to the mall, and then make it to Gabriella’s birthday party by 3pm. Gabriella’s family throws a great St. Patrick’s Day party every year in light of her birthday.  She was born on that special day so we all go real hard. Some would say too hard. Gabriella’s family knows how we are.  We start off calm and collected, but then we are possessed by our messy demeanor with our crazy eyes. What is expected when you have to drink for hours?

I wasn’t quite prepared to kill it again.  Instead, I was in bed till 3pm watching The Help, awkwardly crying by myself.  Finally, after threats from Jenny, I got ready and went to the mall.  I had to get Gabriella a birthday gift, but somehow I didn’t get the memo that all of New Jersey was going to be at this mall.  I was so bothered by everyone. I didn’t want to push people around to get places, and to your surprise, I didn’t want to shop. After an hour at the mall, I got what I needed and peaced. On to the next, a full day of drinking. Oy!

I walk in to find everyone nice and toasty.  I finally come across Jenny and I noticed something on her neck.  She thought it would be a good idea to put a neck tattoo that looked like a tribal band except it was with shamrocks. Honestly, from a distance, it looked like she was doing some kinky sex moves and got choked by a chain.  She’s into that. GOL! After a few laughs, I was ready to get my party on. I thought we were doing good.  Slowly easing into things, taking a shot here and there, but it finally caught up to us.  Somehow, Jenny, Gabriella and myself were the only ones who blacked out by 8pm.  Only us! We know this because of the pictures that surfaced.  We had no idea we took any. Double oy!

I remember Grabriella’s mom telling us that the “kids”, aka everyone under the age of 30, have to go to the bar by 10pm. The next morning, when I woke up, I found myself sardined (sardined-verb; when packed into a small space with multiple dead bodies) between Jenny and Gabriella.  After thinking long and hard about it, we did end up going to the bar.  Didn’t know how we got there and back, but little snippets started coming back.

Apparently, while at the bar, there was a live band. The lead singer was singing Amy Winehouse’s Valerie. It’s a great song.  But of course, Jenny was belting it out, knowing every word, probably overpowering the singer.  The lead singer asked Jenny to go up there because it looked like she knew all the words.  Well, no embarrassment is done without me being a part of it.  We apparently boxed the singer out from the microphone, and Jill kept singing the same line over and over again; “Did you get a good lawyer?” It was probably about 10:30pm and most people who were at the bar just started to drink.  And here we are, these drunken fools trying to sing.  Gabriella was on the other side of the bar between two men sitting down, while she is standing up on the bar stool, waving her hands up in the air and whipping her hair with the music.  GOL! Apparently, at one point a bunch of us started dirty dancing to the band’s music!!! What the?

It was a good time. And whatever, you only live once.  The next morning, after Jenny drugged me with Excedrin, I bought a random hotel in a random town because I wanted to stay and get fancy in a hotel.  Long story short, we had our own Ultra Music Festival, shot some music videos, went in the hot tub, ate yum yums, but we made sure nothing was done without a drink in our hand.  That whole Sunday, we drank until the wee hours.  However, the next morning reality hit where we had to go back to our responsibilities.

Advice:: YOLO comes with a price.  You must be able to handle the physical abuse of dancing and drinking, but the fun, spontaneous stories are priceless.

On aside:: Nothing makes the world easier to live in, but music.  As said before, I am obsessed with some good jams and lyrics.  Well, no secret that Iggy Azalea is the next big thing.  The song below is too addicting, and her ass is out of control.  Check it out.


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