My True Being

I never thought of myself as a true Jersey girl.  I am not a fan of going to the beach or anywhere near the beach/boardwalk areas. Even though every time I go to Atlantic City I have a blast, I avoid going there unless it is a mandatory event. I’d rather go to a specialty restaurant than a diner, and the list goes on.

When I visit Anderson in Boston, she always tells me that I am so “Jersey”.  To my knowledge, people now assume Jersey people like those portrayed on Jersey Shore.  So of course I take offense to it. That being said, I have never really taken pride into being labeled as anything, such as an East Coaster, Bengali, American, etc.  I take pride in being who I am without being categorized.  So maybe that’s why I never labelled myself as a Jersey girl.

I know people find it crazy that I don’t like going to the beach.  Here’s the thing; I have too many thoughts going on at once, thus I am never really able to relax.  If I am forced to lay on a beach with nothing to do, I will never actually be able to relax because I am constantly thinking to the point where sleep is the only true relaxation I get. Even with that, I get my dreams confused with real-life, so basically I am just a looney.

A few weeks ago, I left the cold to go visit Jeff in Florida. I’ve been to Florida a few times. However, I was always a tourist amongst other tourists.  This time around, I had Jeff who lives down there and knows the ins and outs.

The first thing Jeff did was introduce me to my newest addiction, colada.  Let’s just say it’s straight crack.  LoL! But really, it’s the best thing in the world.  I drink coffee so much that I recently started drinking espresso.  That worked, but this works wonders.  It’s the way that it is brewed that makes the Cuban espresso lathered in caffeine.

Jeff took me around different parts of Florida.  The more I explored Florida, the more I realized the lifestyle down there is so much different than what I have up here.  In Florida, if you have money, there is no better way to show it than what you wear.  Now, that being said, we all love the finer things in life, but I think it is different customary down there.  I saw more people wear actual labels on their shirts than ever before.  One thing I can say I hate is when people who wear labels on their shirt for the world to see.  I find it to be very tacky.  A person with a good eye can tell what is good quality without it being thrown in your face.

I come to realize that style here, in the tri-state area, is more than labels.  It’s more about your personality and your eccentric self seeping through.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy being a part of this side of the country.  Maybe I have to come to face the fact that I am a true Jersey girl because of my “classy” mentality.  Or maybe I understand labels aren’t everything because they, too, can look tacky.

On aside::  I really have been loving Rihanna lately. Even though I think she needs to shower more often than none, and she needs to lose Chris Brown. Here’s a song from her previous album that is too hot to handle.

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