Thanks for Your Cooperation

DISCLAIMER: Not suitable for readers under the age of 17.

Sunday is a day that I dedicate to doing nothing, but watch my favorite shows, hang out with some people (especially with Joey), and eat the occasional wings. However, this past Sunday was different because I finally went to see Jenny in Long Island. Jenny wanted this Sunday to feel like any other Sunday, so she took me out for wings. We ended up there for a good three hours doing some heavy research.

Because I was out, I felt as if I should do something productive with this Sunday. It all started with Jenny’s comment;

He has the biggest mouth ever.

Click. It is safe to say that I do not have the cleanest mind, so you can only imagine what my next comment was. I reassured Jenny that this guy definitely tried to give himself a falatio.  Well, there was only one way to know. Ask him, which lead to asking our other guy friends.  We wanted to know if men try, and if so, have they succeeded?

Our Theory

  1. Men who are tall, definitely tried it.
  2. Men who are tall and flexible, did a nose touch.
  3. Men who are tallflexible, and well-endowed, succeeded. 
  4. Men who properly stretch their back and are fit, could eventually do it.

We were very particular with the guys we asked. Those who were eligible to participate had to possess the following;

  • Confidence in their sexuality;
  • Not take offense to the poll, rather look it as an educational lesson for us;
  • Be truthful; and
  • Understand that we are out of the norm and will ask unforeseen questions.

We asked three men each. Of course, we had some who were startled by our question. I can understand that. Who actually expects a question like that on Football Sunday? But our participants were rather vocal about their answers.

Some tried, but claimed it to be impossible. Some claimed they have never tried, but probably tried after we asked that question. And others have tried, were able to touch with their nose, but refused to proceed with his mouth. I mean, if you are able to do so, just go for it.

Here’s the thing, I feel like if I had one, I would definitely try it. Why not? There’s no shame in trying. It’s like a secret challenge with yourself. But the only problem is; would it work the same way as it would if someone else was doing it?  For example, like you can’t tickle yourself.  Would it be the same concept? One of my participants and myself were discussing this. He also asked if it would make him homosexual if he were to try it.  In my opinion, I don’t think so.  That is a great accomplishment! Not many can, and only imagine all the other things they could possibly do. Endless opportunities.

Those who tried, KUDOS!

Those who can, BRILLIANT!

Those who want to secretly, NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME

On aside::  With all this talk, here is a classic song for your enjoyment… Queen B forever!


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