Guest Blogger: Is She Dead Yet?

** I have asked my friends to take part in my blog so you can get to know my friends a little better… Here is the first….**

I’m going to start with a story about my freshman year college roommate.  I will take all of the credit for our outstanding friendship. We were inseparable in college and even in the years after.  I’m really easy to get along with. I don’t complain, I’m clean, easy to talk to, understanding and best of all, I’m patient. My roommate was none of these things. She complained about easy classes, criticized the people on TV, pissed her bed whenever she got drunk and worst of all, she had the most annoying laugh in the whole world. Now, I can deal with all of these things. What I couldn’t deal with, was the way she treated me.

Flash forward to almost six years later. I am going to have a spectacular weekend in AC with all my friends from college. My freshman year roommate had dropped out after freshman year because ‘music is a hobby, not a profession,’ so I kept in contact with her frequently. I called her once a week, chatted on Gchat or Facebook almost every day and made sure I visited her every few months. I would say she was one of my best friends even though I had already forgiven her for hooking up with my best guy friend from high school ( I was not pleased at all after I told her to stay off) and hooking up with my little brother at my graduation party. That was almost unforgivable because he was only 18. I brushed it off as best I could that she was just drunk and stupid. Ok, so that’s been two red flags. This AC trip is the trip that changed the way I look at friends and started evaluating everyone in my life.

I had been talking to her about this guy I liked. I was telling her all about us. How we would go out, all his texts, the way he smiled at me (this was all in my head) and his pet names for me. I had been telling her about this guy for a few months. This guy was coming to AC with my friends and me.  I was uber excited to introduce old friends to this new guy and get my dance moves on. Now, I think we all know where this is going. We go out to the club and get our dance on. The second we hit the dance floor, she was all over him. I guess that the boyfriend she had at home didn’t matter much (she was dating her ex-boyfriend’s twin brother. Yes, that is what I wrote. Read it again and tell me that’s not messed up).  I think back to this time and realize I should have said something to her but my confidence level was already so low, it wouldn’t have mattered. He obviously wasn’t as interested as I thought, so at least someone would have a good time with him. The night went on like that, them dancing, me ignoring them pretending not to feel hurt.  The worst part, she acted like she did nothing wrong. That’s when I started to evaluate my friendship with her, but only after Sabrina Diana told me to.

Everyone has that friend that they don’t particularly like but they stay in contact with them because they are friends with their other friends or there is a long history between you two. Well I’ve decided that I have too many important people in my life who deserve more of my time than they are getting.  Why should I continue to be friends with this girl if she continuously hurts me and is too stupid to realize what she’s done?  I’m forgiving, but at some point, I’m going to wish you well in the future and secretly hope that karma comes around and bites you in the ass. Think about it. Have you ever hooked up with a close friend’s ex-hookup or ex-boyfriend? If you answered ‘ughhh yeah’ that’s not ok, Ass****! I’m calling you out.  I am no longer friends with my freshman year roommate and for a few months while she called and texted, I felt bad. Now, I’m happy with the decision I made and hope to convince others to ditch the toxic friends they may have in their lives. You will be happier. That I can promise. (**One would say Jenny and I are toxic friends, but I think we just bring the best out of each other…SD**)

On aside:: I make an appearance (very hidden) in this music video. If you spot me though, please don’t put me on blast in the comments section. I’m trying to keep a low profile after this blogs blows all the other SabrinaDiana posts out of the water.–**Surely, this won’t happen…SD


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