Wedding Fever

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been rather busy. This Friday, my older sister is getting married. Exciting!  I made the centerpieces which I am thrilled about. I also was there to choose her second wedding dress. You can say I am a bad influence because it was definitely not on the list of things to get.  But hey, if I know clothes, it is an amazing number and had to be purchased.

With all this wedding talk, I can’t help but to think of my wedding.  Granted, I am far from getting hitched, but it’s always nice to think about what it would be like. The more I helped my sister put things together for her wedding, the more I thought about my wedding. You can say that every aspect of my wedding is planned out except for one main factor; the husband.

I always thought at this point in my life I would be with someone who I can see myself spending my life with, but life works in mysterious ways and I’m not mad about it. My friends find it weird that I want to be married and start a family. Alaina thinks we are still young. We may be young, but I’m also not trying to pop out a kid when I have grays.

When I was younger, I saw myself engaged at age 25 and have a baby three years later. With or without a man, I plan to have a baby in four years, as long as I am financially stable.  My friends that do have a man are in no rush in getting married, yet here I am trying to elope (just kidding–my wedding is going to be fabulous).  Yes, it makes sense for both parties to be financial stable with good jobs, but the thought of being engaged gives my taken friends the heebie jeebies.

Maybe I’m just not thinking clearly and I’m in a wedding fever haze. I know I’ve been searching for Christian Grey, but truth be told, I am looking for the electricity.  Aside from the sex, I was drawn to Christian for the way he made the girl feel–the electricity they felt when they touched one another.  Ultimately, we are all looking for the one, and I’m not one to settle. So maybe that’s what’s taking me longer to get there than others.  My older sister likes to tell me it’s because of my high standards and demands, but are good personality, morals and values too much to ask for?  I will say this, I don’t like to repeat myself. If I want something done a certain way and it’s been asked, it should be done continuously afterwards. I mean I’m not one to nag or complain, and the reason for that is because I expect it done the first time asked. Maybe I should loosen up about that but I just hate repeating myself. Only time will tell if I am willing to compromise for the right person.

On a different note, my bridal party, as of now, consists of nine members. I know being a part of a bridal party is very expensive. I would know, it is a current expense.  Thus, I promise to pay for their bridal gowns because they would be doing me a favor as committing to be one of my indentured servants. GOL!

On aside:: It’s been years since a Fiona Apple song, no less an album, came out, but my ears are ringing with joy.   She recently premiered her newest video. I always loved her for her beautiful and metaphoric lyrics that no one of our time can compare to.  After reading her lyrics and watching the video, I analyzed it as such; she is explaining the internal battle she has within her mind with this song.  Enjoy this wonderfully written song, Every Single Night. (Love her but girl needs to eat…)


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  1. brindaguha says:

    you’re hilarious

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