I Now Pronounce Myself The Queen

Now that the holiday hype is over, it is time to think about the most important day of the year, the glorious day of my birth. Granted, it is in March, I like to throw the ultimate parties. In light of the holidays, I think it is the perfect opportunity for me to explain the reason for “The List”.

Last year, I pronounced myself a Queen. I was Princess Diana for 22 years and then on my 23rd birthday, I became Queen Sabrina. I don’t know why my 23rd. I figured because it was a Prime Number. This is nothing short of my eccentric behavior, as you can see. I had a whole black-tie event, which was fabulous. Receiving an actual invite to a Queen Induction Birthday Party via the postal service was one thing, receiving a list of do’s and don’ts pertaining to my gift was another thing. The problem was that I sent it to a selected few, so they could pass it along in a nonchalant manner to my guests. To my surprise, most of my guests saw this list. I can’t blame my girlfriends. I’m a lot to deal with.

I looked back through my emails to find this list. Sure enough, I found the infamous list and being that it’s almost been a year since the creation of this list, I am ready to share it to the general public.

Hey ladies,

Because you guys have graciously requested to be apart of my entourage, I have appointed you guys as my publicists. It should be a great honor. As you know, I am pronouncing myself as the Queen soon enough and there is so much I can take onboard without being stressed.

As you know, I am very hard to please. And it is also a recession. That is why I brilliantly came up with a list of things that I would like. When you guys advise people, tell them that I am trying to help them out because I don’t want them to waste their hard-earned money on something I will not like or won’t be able to return. This is a great list for boys. They know nothing about gifts, especially to me. Be careful, I don’t want two of the same thing.

Some may be pricey, but people can do it as a group thing. Also people may have to order things in advance because it is online.

Let’s start with things I DON’T WANT or HATE:

– Gift cards to Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Piercing Pagoda, JCPenny

– I DESPISE any body lotion sets, body sprays, soaps from Victoria’s Secrets and Bath and Body Works

– Any products by Dooney and Burke, Abercombie and Fitch, Bread, Sandwiches

– Advise people NOT to get me clothes because I am super picky regardless if they think I would like it.

**Things I would LIKE**

– Marc Jacobs Purse (surprise me with the color)

– Marc Jacobs Wallet

– Armani Watch

– iPad Cover (surprise me with the color)

– Burberry Perfum (London Classic)

– Hanae Mori (eau de parfum only)

– Gift cards (Amex, Visa, Forever21, Nordstroms, Lord & Taylor)

– Mani and Pedi gift certificate for LUXI ONLY!!!

– Phone Cover

– Fiona Apple Sheet Music

– Art Easel (with this coupon )

– Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

**Honestly, that is all I really want. So don’t take that chance to get something other than what is listed. Better off getting me gift cards**

Hugs and Kisses,

I’m not going to lie, but reading this has put me in hysterics. Granted, I would do it again, but this is funny. Here’s my thing. Why would you chance of getting me something that I am most likely not going to like? Yes, the gift receipt is provided but gas prices are really high these days and it’s a recession. It’s a huge process to exchange it for things you want.

The other thing is that I don’t ask for much. Yes, this list does seem to be a long one and extreme, but some of these things are on the list because I couldn’t think of anything else. For Christmas, people asked me what I wanted, and I couldn’t think of anything because truth be told, if I wanted something, I’m going to get it on my own for that personal satisfaction. So, my request this year for Christmas included socks, lip balm, hair products (which is a very touchy area because I am very particular about that), and sweatpants. I asked for things that I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to buy and if people want to buy me a gift, I rather they get me things that I would use such as those. **I have a secret. I never wear matching socks and I think a lot people couldn’t stand looking at it anymore so I had to put that on the list. ** Thus, my list for Christmas was very mediocre because I don’t really need anything. The one thing I really did want was to adopt a tiger because they are my favorite animal and they are endangered. (I didn’t get that, so I have to get it on my own.)

The reason for the list is because of the following:

  1. When need be, I am very hard to please. Rather me judge the gift received and assume certain things about the friendship, I make a list to avoid that unneeded situation. (I judge people on the gifts they gift me. Yes, it’s shallow but a gift shows a lot about a person and the relationship they have with me.)
  2. The economy is bad. Why risk the chances (which are high) that I am not going to like it and will return it? Like said before, I don’t want a lot, and I don’t need things.
  3. If people are going to get me a gift, the last thing they want to do is get me something that’s on the HATE list. As you can see, I listed bread and sandwiches. I am strange, as it’s shown. I do not like bread or sandwiches. They bring nothing to the table for me. Furthermore, I am not a big fan of pasta, however I have slowly been trying to accept it.

You are probably wondering why even have a birthday party. I like to entertain people. I like to plan, organize and have outstanding parties. The gifts come with the territory of a birthday party. But hey, let’s not get it twisted. I enjoy gifts, just the right ones.

This year, my girlfriends and I did a Secret Santa with a limit of $30.00. Throughout the whole process, not knowing who received me, I felt bad. My girlfriends know how I am and how I am hard to please. I felt bad for the person who got me. We had a very nice Secret Santa dinner at my place where we did a potluck and exchanged gifts. It was my Secret Santa to reveal herself, and to my surprise it was Alaina. Now Alaina and I have been friends for over 10 years, but she still worried me when it came to gifts. I must say I didn’t expect what I got. What I do really appreciate is something that is made genuinely from the heart. I am a very creative person, and love making authentic “Sabrina” gifts, but I don’t expect others do so. But when Alaina provided me with my gift, I really did love it. It was a framed black and white picture of us, “Best Friends” quoted on the bottom. It wasn’t much but it definitely was a well-thought-out gift which I knew she took the time to think about.

If you are wondering about how I am when it comes to gift giving, I’d like to say I am pretty good. A gift can say a ton of things and portray your character. That is why I take the time to really think about what to give. I am a personal gift-shopper for many of my friends and I don’t hate it. I’d do anything to shop. LOL.

This year I came up with brilliant idea to host a splatter painting party where all my girlfriends will throw their creativity on a canvas. The gift? Their creation so I can have them as a great wall decor. Don’t worry, that’s just one of my parties for my birthday… in March! LOL.

On aside For some strange reason, I love the movie, Country Strong. I don’t know why. It spoke to me on so many different levels. It is the reason I listen to Country Music now. And the shocking part is that I can’t stand Gwyneth Paltrow. However, I do love Leighton Meester, and she has this song in the movie that I love so much, especially in the car so I can belt it out. Enjoy!


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  1. Sumaira Flower says:

    girlfriend you are nuts but I love it. You need to make your font and color more easy to read!

  2. brindaguha says:

    excellent! i didn’t know where you were going with the blog in the beginning but i like where you took it. be a personal gift giver – i gotchu. i agree with prems though…make your font easier to read! my head hurts now from squinting. but great post!

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